Buying a second-hand car? top things to look for

by Sarah Williams
by Sarah Williams

With rising rates of new cars and fast rates of depreciation, many people look out for buying used cars. However smart idea it may seem there are certain crucial things you have to keep in mind while going around shopping for used vehicle. They are often sold with hidden damage that may, in the long run, be a costly repair for you as a buyer. It may be stressful for you if you end up buying a lemon. So here are some of the things you need to look at to avoid ending up in a bad purchase.

Go for the interior and exterior

The interior and the exterior both play a vital role in deciding the value of a car. Check for the upholstery of the car for any damage. While checking the exterior look for fresh paint jobs that could tell you about past accidents. Open the hood and have a look at the engine. Rusted parts may give you a strong indication that there is trouble down the road. Minor scratches may not be a big problem, however, check for any major repair work, it could a repaired accidental vehicle.

Inquire about car warranty

If the car you are looking at is more than three years old, it is very unlikely that it would be covered under warranty. In that case, you might have to look for an extended warranty which is again a cost you have to bear.

Take a test drive

Test the car how well it performs on different types of roads. So, make sure you check it on both highways and city roads. On city roads, you will get an idea of how the car performs on stop and go traffic. On the highway, you can rev the car and check for engine smoothness. Any unusual noises may be an indication that something is not right with the car.

Take a leak test

Any fluid leaking out of the car may indicate that the car is not in good condition and needs repair. While you are on the test drive park the car in a clean area and then do a visible inspection of the leaking substances.

If you see black fluid underneath it is a sign of engine oil leakage. Green suggests a coolant leak and pink colour suggests the transmission oil.

Make sure to inquire with different manufacturers about the different models. Toyota wreckers in Adelaide, for example, could tell you all related things about Toyota cars.

Get a mechanic to inspect the vehicle

Many people don’t consult a mechanic while buying a used car. Well later on, this may lead to expensive repairs on the road. A professional mechanic will detect hidden problems within the car which you may not be able to discover in the first go. An experienced mechanic will also let you know if the car would require expensive repairs in the future. Car wreckers in Adelaide have expert mechanics to let you know the true value of any vehicle.

Look at the vehicle history report

Insist the seller for service history records. History of previous accidents could tell you a lot about the car and whether the car was previously involved in any illegal activity.

Always negotiate

After you are done all the inspection and ready to finalise the car , it’s time to negotiate the value of the car. Knowledge of aspects like similar rates in the market and car’s accident history would help you to have a better-negotiated deal. Negotiation is a powerful tool in the hands of the buyer where you as a buyer get to decide the price of the car. Always go for a profitable deal as a used car will inevitably involve some sort of repair in the long run.

Navigating a used car sale could be tricky. So it’s best to trust your instincts and never be afraid to walk away if you feel something is not right.