The PPV's

As I am going to start with the wrestling aspect of my blog. If you are not familiar with WWE it is a Wrestling/sports entertainment company. It's got weekly wrestling shows called WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown Live & WWE NXT.

The company has Pay Per View Events from which 4 are the biggest there. they are the Royal Rumble in Janurary, Wrestlemania (The Biggest one) in April, SummerSlam in August, and Survivors Series in November. These 4 are split between 2 brands: Raw & Smackdown.

The Owner of the WWE is Vince McMahon. He has ran the company ever since his dad died and he inherited it.

Survivor Series has a set of matches called 5 on 5 Elimination Tag Matches which is the main attraction for Survivor Series.

Royal Rumble is a Pay Per View Event where the Main Match is 30 Man Battle Royal where 2 men start in the ring and fight and in 1 to 2 minute interva another person come out. The aim is to get all 29 other men over the top rope and make sure both feet hit the floor. Those are the rules it's quite fun. You can make a drinking game out of it. The Winner gets a shot at the prestigious WWE Championship or the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania. I shall talk more in the next entry. Thanks for reading, Sam.