Tips for Formula Feeding Your Baby

There are times when moms are simply unable to breastfeed their infants. It could be due to a lack of milk production, a health issue, or simply because the mother is a working mom. In this case, babies need to be fed formula. To make sure that you are doing it the right way, however, here are some guidelines that you can use to help you:

Check the Formula

It is important to ensure that your little one is getting the best baby formula. Unless you have been advised by a doctor to get something else, you should stick with ones that use cow’s milk. You should make certain that there are no unnecessary additives such as corn syrup. However, there are certain additions that are actually good for your little one. These include components such as iron, ARA, and DHA. Most of these are included so that they can be brought up to par with breast milk. You should consult your paediatrician to determine if there are certain nutrients that your little one requires in their milk.

Image Source: Pixabay
Image Source: Pixabay

Use the Right Nipple

Not all bottle nipples are the same. There are ones with smaller openings which ensure that a smaller amount of milk goes out of the bottle. The ones with the larger holes allow for a greater flow. A newborn baby will typically require a slow-flow nipple since they cannot drink as fast. For older babies, you can switch to a larger opening. One way to determine if it is type to change the nipple is to look at how your little one is drinking. If they are having to suck extremely hard, they may need a greater flow of milk and thus, a bigger opening in the nipple.

Get the Right Temperature

Your little one’s milk needs to be warmed evenly throughout. This is why it is not a good idea to microwave the bottle. You may be left with hotspots that can trick you into thinking the milk is warm enough. You can place the bottle in a pan of warm water. This will slowly heat the milk up evenly. A bottle warmer can also be quite useful. Make sure to always test the temperature on your wrist to ensure that is gentle enough for your little one.

Find the Right Position

Since you will be using a bottle, it can take a while to find the right position. Nonetheless, it is important not to have your little one flat on their back. Instead, prop them up on your body so that they are lying at an angle. The bottle, too, should be placed at angle. It is important avoid having the bottle at an angle that it is too high and too low. A higher angle could send too much milk into your little one’s mouth. A too low angle could cause air bubbles. Keep monitoring your baby to know whether or not you are holding the bottle right.It will take some time for your infant to get used to the bottle and the formula. With time, however, they will learn how to drink well.