Social Networking: What it's for and the 15 most popular sites

Today, Social Networking is transcendental for any type of brand, but not everyone is clear on what it is. In this post we will explain its great usefulness and we will tell you about the most important sites. Do not miss it!

  1. If we talk about Social Networking we are emphasizing the creation and maintenance of online relationships, both personal and business. In most cases, this is almost as important as the product or service that we want to make known, since its work is to promote it through the Internet and that is What is Social Networking?In general terms, Social Networking is the practice of expanding the business by making connections with people through social networks.Depending on the social network and the platform, any user can contact another user. In other cases, they can only get in touch with anyone with whom they have some kind of connection.This is based on the six-degree rule : the hypothesis that proves that anyone on Earth can be connected to another person on the planet through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries (connecting both people). This, applied to Social Networking, means that we are creating online communities interconnected with each other. In this way, through our brand, we are establishing contacts that can be potential customers and that we could not have obtained in any other way. You like the idea more, eh?Main characteristics of Social Networking Communication style Social Networking needs a mix of two resources to get results: talk and listen . It is not enough to join similar groups and not stop sharing content (whether they are their own or those of others). You have to know how to find the balance, and try to generate the maximum possible engagement with the followers by publishing content of interest as well as listening to their doubts and always responding to everything they comment. This will guarantee greater success with Social Networking.Contents The contents of Social Networking here are the conversations and the questions. The objective? To provoke the maximum interest in the people with whom we interact to establish a connection. In this way we will gain more followers, thus making the community grow .Effort and time. In Social Networking there is no way to grow your relationships in an automated way. There is no type of trick or shortcut. The key is interactions and that only needs maximum attention. It will take time and effort, but the results will make you see that it has been worth it.Objective. The goal of Social Networking is to create a network of followers and start sowing relationships, only and exclusively. Subsequently, this may translate into potential customers. Anyway, that is not the goal of Social Networking, but the goal of Social Media , where you work on the generation of leads to try to turn them into sales.Analytics. How can we measure Social Networking? To know what the return on the investment (of time and effort in this case), will be based on the answers obtained. If the followers have increased significantly, we can already deduce a positive result.The 15 most popular Social Networking sites(Data obtained from the 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites of EbizMba ranking )
  2. Facebook . The largest popular social network in the world. It shares photos, videos, websites and applications, with 1,100,000,000 monthly visits.
  3. Twitter . Social network where the main feature is the sending and receiving of short messages (tweets of 140 characters) to a network of contacts that you previously choose. It has more than 310,000,000 monthly visits.
  4. LinkedIn The social network for professionals par excellence, designed specifically to discover job opportunities, discover sales opportunities and connect with potential business partners. It has more than 255,000,000 visits per month.
  5. Pinterest It is a social network to share images that allows users to create and manage thematic personal boards. It already has 250,000,000 visits per month
  6. Google Plus +. With more than 120,000,000 monthly visits, it is the social network of the king search engine, and it allows to interact with people and companies classifying them through contact circles according to the criteria that they want.
  7. Tumblr . It is a microblogging platform that allows you to follow other publications or create them: texts, photos, videos, links, phrases, audios … You already get 110,000,000 monthly visits.
  8. Instagram . It has had a brutal growth since its creation in 2010. It is used to share photographs and videos of short duration. It has 100,000,000 visits per month
  9. VK . Also known as the Russian Facebook, although its use is simpler than everything they do. It allows users to create private messages, share photos, update states … It has 80,000,000 visits per month.
  10. Flickr Well-known social network whose only objective is the exchange of photographs. More than 65,000,000 visits per month
  11. I came . With 42,000,000 monthly visits, it allows you to create and publish 6-second videos as a maximum duration and as a loop (continuous playback).
  12. Meetup It is an online social networking portal that facilitates meetings of offline groups in various locations around the world. It has 40,000,000 visits per month
  13. Tagged . It's a mix of social networking features like MySpace and Facebook. It was designed to help users connect with a large number of people with their same interests in a short period of time. It has 38,000,000 monthly visits.
  14. . With 37,000,000 visits per month, it is a website where you can ask questions in anonymity, like the answers and receive questions (also anonymous if desired).
  15. MeetMe It serves as much as to expand your professional network, share hobbies and even meet your soul mate! You get 15,500,000 visits per month
  16. ClassMates. It is a different social network, since almost all its features are only available if you are Premium. This social network is used to reconnect with old classmates. You get 15,000,000 monthly visits.

You know, Social Networking is paramount when it comes to publicizing a brand on the Internet. It is the most powerful resource when transmitting information and ideas of all kinds, as well as to receive them. We are talking about the purest online communication. And you? Have you already launched your Social Networking? What have been your experiences? I'm looking forward to you telling me!