Boost your Career of Salesforce Certified Administrator with ADM 201 Exam

There is an amazingly high demand for Salesforce experts in IT, and earning this marvelous certification can give you the instant returns such as a handsome salary. The ever-evolving Salesforce ecosystem expands its scope far past the cloud-based CRM platform and offers the professional credentials for product managers, system administrators, developers, and integration architects.

Earning Salesforce Certified Administrator certification is a great way to validate your skills and expertise and draw the attention of the companies that are on the lookout for Salesforce experts. The jobs affiliated with Salesforce require at least one credential, and the starting point is Salesforce Certified Administrator certification. So, here are the basics of ADM 201 exam for you to achieve your Salesforce credential.

There are no prerequisites for ADM 201 exam, but Salesforce highly recommends to take certain courses before taking the test. One of them is Administration Essentials for New Admins (ADM 201) course. Salesforce University offers this training at a whopping price of $4500 despite the course lasts only 3 days.

Other courses recommended by Salesforce include Administration Essentials for New Admins and Certification (ADM 201C), New Admins in Lightning Experience (ADX-201), Preparing for your Salesforce Administrator Certification (CRT-101), and Salesforce Proficiency Pack for Admins.

My personal experience with ADM 201 exam

I took ADM 201 exam and passed it after only a 3-month period of studying. Prior to that, I had just a little grasp of Salesforce, to be honest. This is a clear indication that you can make it too if you are committed to achieving your certification goal.

So how did I make it? Well, in my first month, I had approximately 16 hours each week for studying. My new schedule in the second month was 2 full days of studying plus an extra 2 hours every day for the remaining 5 days.

And believe me, by the beginning of the third month I had exhausted everything and turned to a thorough revision. The schedule was more or less the same, but I majorly focused on practice.