A professor’s pointers for success in college: 21 easy-to-follow tips

To many college students, the reality of being in a college hits them when they sit for their initial exams and fail to perform as expected. This somehow strikes sense in them, and the excitement they had of joining college dies slowly.

Therefore, if you have other engagements competing for study time such that you cannot get enough time to work on your assignments, or you feel that you have not understood concepts well, instead of messing your score, just pay Edubirdie to write your essay. In college, if you fail to hit a certain grade, you are discontinued.

Again, remember that success in college is not only based on doing assignments. There are many other things that are involved. For your information, here are the professor’s 21 pointers on how to be successful in college:

(1) Participate actively in class and ask questions where you feel you have not understood something well. Also, endeavor to answer questions asked in class.

by Rickey Adams
by Rickey Adams


(2) Go through the provided syllabus to know what you are expected to cover in a particular semester. Also, check your email box regularly if there are additional learning materials provided.

(3) As you study, be in control of your activities by having a time plan. That way, you will never find yourself overburdened by assignments due to procrastination.

(4) Always submit your assignments on time, and if you are facing challenges, talk to your tutor for guidance. Never fail to submit your work as this may dim your chances of graduating.

(5) While in college, utilize provided reading resources to improve your writing skills.

(6) If you are asked to read a certain topic, ensure that is done as there must be a reason why you are being asked to do it.

(7) Read about your college’s class attendance policy as you might fail to graduate if you fail to attend a certain number of lessons.

(8) Learn how to research and cite sources of your information as this amounts to academic dishonesty and some colleges have a strict policy on this.

(9) When you are writing emails to your lecturers and other senior staff members, have some email etiquette; address them with respect.

(10) If you have a sensitive issue that you feel cannot be adequately addressed on email conversations, make a point of seeing your lecturer to discuss it face to face.

(11) As earlier mentioned, interact well with your tutors in class as you may require them to write you a testimonial. How will they do it if they don’t know you well?

(12) When you get recommendation letters from your professor, show your appreciation for sacrificing their time as it is not part of their work.

(13) Enroll for other courses to increase your knowledge but be mindful not to compromise your grade.

(14) Have respect to librarians by following instructions given. Library is not a place for catching up with friends.

(15) Enroll for an internship during vacations and holidays to practice what you have learned in class and to gain non-academic skills.

(16) Peer influence can ruin your life. So, associate only with friends with good moral values.

(17) Always remember and show appreciation by thanking those who have helped you to reach where you are. Call them from time to time.

(18) Be careful when choosing a course and don’t allow others to bulldoze a course on you. It is your life.

(19) Education is key to success so, utilize every learning opportunity you have.

(20) Always be kind to others as you might need them during site hunting.

(21) If something is bothering you, ask for help, and you will be assisted. A shared problem is a problem half solved.

These are professor’s 21 easy-to-follow college success tips which every student should follow if they want to succeed in college.