Opinion: Why John Cena is the best WWE Champion of all time

Cena has won the WWE Championship a record number of thirteen times
Cena has won the WWE Championship a record number of thirteen times

The WWE Championship is the oldest and the most prestigious title in the WWE today. The title is nearly 55 years old and has been held officially by 50 different superstars. However, out of all these great players, the name that supersedes the other performers is John Cena.

John Cena has won the WWE Championship thirteen times. It is the maximum number of reigns any superstar has ever had in WWE. He is fourth on the list, in terms of the total number of combined days as the Champion. He has defeated several wrestlers and fought various legends to capture and defend his title. Let us understand, why he deserves to be called as the best WWE World Champion of time.

Cena won the WWE Championship for the first time at WrestleMania 21 against none other than the hardcore brawler- JBL. He held the title for 280 days. During this tenure, he defended his title against several superstars including Chris Jericho, Christian, Kurt Angle and several others. He fought with grace and brought dignity to the Championship. In the end, he lost the title to Edge, after Edge cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on a vulnerable John Cena. However, three weeks later, Cena defeated Edge and regained his title back.

Cena's greatest rivalry as the WWE Champion was perhaps against the 'legend killer' Randy Orton. They both fought the hell out of one another. The duo headlined several main-events and PPV's. They competed in matches with special stipulations and would decimate one another only to have the WWE title around their waist. Both Cena and Orton caused each other multiple injury issues. This rivalry is often cited as the best World Championship rivalry ever in the history of Professional-pro wrestling.

Another outstanding quality which Cena displayed as a WWE Champion, was to build outstanding promos. No wrestler can talk with the microphone like the way John Cena does. When he speaks, the entire WWE Universe listens to him. It is as if he can create a magic with the mic and grab the attention of people from age eight to eighty. John Cena possesses a grandiloquent verbose and dissects his opponents like anything through his choice of words.

John Cena is also a very unorthodox player. He customized the WWE Championship in a manner which was never done before. He changed the WWE logo on the belt into a spinning motion and thus introduced the concept of a spinning WWE Championship. Though it was not appreciated by critics, but it certainly brought a lot of limelight to the WWE title as people started discussing Cena's idea of changing the design of the belt.

In the current roster, no wrestler is close enough to Cena's record as the WWE Champion. It seems very unlikely that any wrestler can ever break his records. Cena's credentials as the WWE Champion is likely to persist for a long time, even after he retires. The unbelievable records that he has set have become milestones for the remaining players to achieve.

Whether it's a single's competition or a handicap match or even in a multiplayer match, John Cena has always tried his best to defend his Championship. Be it RAW, SmackDown, WrestleMania or in any other PPV's, Cena always gave his cent percent and fought with equal vigor. He never let his fans down and thus the fans loved him back equally.

Thus, if we analyze the above points one by one, we can get a clear view why Cena is the most talked about WWE Champion in history. No WWE Champion can bounce back post a defeat like the way Cena does. Many people criticize his wrestling techniques, but despite all that he has proved to the world that he is the finest WWE Champion the company has ever had. Thus, there is not an iota of doubt that John Cena has been indeed the greatest WWE Champion ever in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment.