Opinion: Why WWE Universe loves CM Punk more than John Cena

WWE Universe would love to see Punk back in action  — by Rajarshi Banerjee
WWE Universe would love to see Punk back in action  — by Rajarshi Banerjee

CM Punk is perhaps the best creation of WWE in the PG Era. He has defeated some of the best players in the industry and has established a unique reputation for himself in the WWE. Punk has left WWE long back in 2014, but, the WWE Universe still chants his name religiously. During his tenure, there was a massive rift between him and John Cena about being the number one superstar in WWE. WWE choose to promote Cena over Punk and this was a big mistake. Let us understand why the reverse could have been a better decision for WWE.

CM Punk was an anti-management kind of person. He didn't toe with the likes of Vince McMahon, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon. WWE always believe in the notion that- a heel cannot be the babyface that people would connect with. However, in the case of CM Punk, this is exactly what happened. WWE fans across the globe loved Punk because he had the guts to speak the truth. On the contrary, someone like John Cena would not utter and acknowledge any misdoings of the WWE. For this attitude of his, WWE would pay him and constantly gave him main-events. No doubt Cena has delivered many great matches, but somewhere down the line, he missed the passion and enthusiasm that CM Punk could put forth in front of the WWE Universe.

Also, John Cena is a very pedestrian wrestler. His wrestling skills are limited and he keeps on delivering same performances in most of his matches. Punk, however, had loads of moves on his book to display. His GTS is a very difficult move to perform, but he pulled it off easily. Punk is more swift, fast, agile and talented than Cena. But, WWE would care less about all such things and would blindly opt for Cena any given day.

When it comes to delivering promos, no doubt Cena is outstanding. His microphone skills are unparalleled in the entire pro-wrestling fraternity. But, somehow they resembled similarity in character. WWE chose to depict Cena as the good guy who always fights the evil. Punk, would, on the other hand, say things people actually wanted to hear. He spoke from the mouth, but his words could pierce people's heart. People from age eight to eighty, all could echo his wordings, such was his stature.

Also, Punk was a better Champion than John Cena. Punk was the WWE Champion for 434 days and he was the longest reigning in the last 25 years. He broke Cena's record of 380 days. This was a wise move on the part of WWE. However, they failed to build on the plot and gave extra mileage to John Cena. Being 'Paul Heyman's guy' also worked in favor of CM Punk. The duo together made WWE interesting than ever before in the PG Era. They worked together hand in hand and produced awesome storylines. Cena had no such history in his WWE career. This shows that Punk was more flexible and less egoistic. He could pair up with others and never bothered about his spotlight.

These reasons combined, make it crystal clear that Punk could blend with the fans easily. His love for wrestling was evident and he deserved a helluva more spotlight than he got. WWE should have tried to clear the friction and made Punk the Champion people wanted to see. He was a 'People's Champion' and WWE should not have terminated him. He is nothing less than John Cena, if not better than him.