5 best Submission moves in WWE

Submissions are special moves in professional pro-wrestling which incapacitates a person to a great extent. It focuses in excruciating pain on any particular region, and when the player is unable to bear it anymore, he or she taps out. WWE has witnessed several submission specialist over the years. They have delivered some unbelievable submissions which in turn helped them win the match. Here are 5 best submissions in WWE.

5. Walls of Jericho

Chris Jericho does not need any introduction. He is one of the finest wrestlers to have ever competed in WWE. He has won dozens of Championships and has defeated wrestlers across the globe. However, much of his success is owed to his outstanding finishing maneuver 'walls of Jericho'. This move has helped him win several matches. Many wrestlers tapped out and could not resist Jericho's walls. Thus, it is at the number five position.

4. Sharpshooter

Bret Hart is a living legend, who made many wrestlers tap out, using the Sharpshooter. Currently, Natalya also uses this submission. It strengthens the pain on the legs, which becomes unbearable after some point. Bret Hart won and defended several of his championships, only because of the sharpshooter. It thus goes down in history of professional wrestling, as one of the best submissions ever.

3. STF

John Cena is another wrestler, who has mastered the art of delivering submissions. His STF is a highly effective move, and most players have tapped out of this move. Cena's stf applies equal pressusre on legs as well as on the throat and face. He made many wrestlers submit and has won 16 world championships with this move. Thus, it is on number three position in this list.

2. Ankle Lock

Kurt Angle is a submission specialist and his ankle lock, creates unbelievable pain on his opponents legs. He made half the industry tapped out with this submission. He is one of those rare players, who tapped out at his own finisher. The intensity of this lock is enormous and any wrestler is bound to tap out of this lock. Even though he has aged, but this move remains evergreen.

1. Hell's Gate

Undoubtedly the most destructive move in WWE, the hell's gate has made each and every wrestler tap, faint or collapse. The Undertaker has literally made all wrestlers reach hell with this submission. Wrestlers of all size and shape have fall prey to this move. The propensity of this move to hurt anyone is so high, that it was banned multiple times in WWE. Very few wrestlers were able to survive this move and is thus the number one submission in this list.