4 Possible Combinations for the Women's Tag Team Championships

Will Sasha Banks and Bayley become the inaugural Women's Tag Team Champions?
Will Sasha Banks and Bayley become the inaugural Women's Tag Team Champions?

The WWE Universe became highly excited when Vince McMahon announced on RAW that the Women's Tag Team championship will become effective from 2019. This has caused a lot of speculations and confusions about who all will compete and which all Tag Teams we shall get to see. Sasha Banks and Bayley have announced that they will be keen in getting their hands on the title. Let us see which other pairs can form a team to compete for the Championship.

4. Natalya and Ember Moon

Natalya is a veteran and a highly experienced player, who has won any Championships in the past. It would be a wonderful idea on the part of the WWE, to crown her as the Tag Team Champion. On the other hand, Ember Moon is an inexperienced player but is slowly making her in ring presence felt to the rest of the roster.

This would be a very unorthodox team, who will gain a lot of popularity. They both share a good rapport, and, they have all the qualities to become an excellent Tag Team Champion. Whether they will become or not, is just a matter of time for everyone to find out.

3. The Iconics

The Iconics recently made their debut in SmackDown, and, is yet to make an everlasting impression in WWE. Even though they are talented wrestlers, they have not proved their worth to the WWE yet. Therefore, it would be a good idea if the Iconic gets a chance to win the SmackDown Women's Tag Team Championship.

Them winning and becoming the Tag Team Champions would provide the duo a much needed proper and good push in the WWE. The creative team along with the WWE management could explore the idea, and, build proper feuds and story-lines.

2. Riott Squad

The Riott Squad has proved to the WWE Universe, that all of them are indeed Champion materials. They can very well become the RAW Women's Tag Team Champion in WWE in 2019. The Riott squad has proved that they can be vicious and would go to any extent to accomplish their missions. Therefore, the Riott Squad could become a possible contender for the titles. Their reign should be entertaining as well.

1. Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose

Deville and Rose are two of the most popular divas in the WWE currently. In the social media, there is a lot of buzz, about the duo becoming the Tag Team Champions in WWE. If that happens, it would certainly be good for WWE and for them as well. Both of them enjoys a huge fan following, and, could become the longest reigning Tag Team Champion as well. If they win the titles, it would certainly be 'good for business'.

How the WWE management will utilize this opportunity to crown the first Women's Tag Team Champion, is something everyone will be eager to see. Also, the kind of matches and the level of hype that is getting circulated, is helping the WWE to construct on long term plans. This would help the company to garner high viewership and TRP as well.