In sports you usually have a window in your playing career to maximize your God-given/physical gifts, then body starts breaking down. When that happens, there is a saying that goes “Father-Time is Undefeated”. The wear and tear finally give into the athlete and he/she cannot play at the high level they are accustomed to. In the case of Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo, father time will be taking a couple losses on its record.

Both superstars are having special seasons and are aging like fine wine. Not only are they are having great seasons, but their respective teams (Cleveland Cavaliers & Real Madrid) are threats to play for a championship. These two may not be as athletic as they once were, but their understanding of the game and burning desire to be the best is what makes James and Ronaldo great.

Lebron James at age 33 is having one of the finest seasons for a player playing in his 15th year. He has averaged 27.5 points per game 8.6 rebounds and 9.1 assists per game. Has played in all 82 games and with a re-tooled roster since the trade deadline. James is once again an MVP candidate and has Cleveland positioned to come out of the East again. A superstar who makes everyone around him better. James a unique way of impacting the game on both offence and defense. He is clearly the engine that drives Cleveland.

The Cavs are +8.3 points better with Lebron on the court and have a team offensive rating of 115.0 with James. Without Lebron you would not mention the Cavs as a Finals Contender, and with the season he’s having in his 15TH year in the league, it is clear how valuable and special he is.

Another superstar who is also having a heck of a season at age 33 is Real Madrid Forward, Cristiano Ronaldo. The man who is referred as the best soccer player on the planet and best of all-time by some, is having one of the best stretches of his career. Even though Real Madrid has had a very average regular season in La Liga (4th place), the 33-year-old forward has Real Madrid in a position to win three Champions League titles in a row. His presence makes Real Madrid dangerous offensively and practically unbeatable on the pitch. Ronaldo has 42 total goals and 8 assists in all competitions this year.

For some you can talk about the arrogance and self-centered attitude, which can be valid to a degree. There is something to be said about, playing with heart and making plays when it matters most. Ronaldo has made plenty of them in abundance in champions league. He has 15 goals in 10 matches. It’s not just the goals he’s scoring, but their importance in a game. He plays big and the rest of his teammates follow.

Appreciate Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo because you may never see this set of dominant seasons during an age (33) where most professional athletes start to decline. They are both looking at Father Time right in the eye and redefining how to stay on top of their respective professions. It isn’t out of the question to see more dominant years ahead, especially with two guys who take their craft and bodies as seriously as James and Ronaldo. What Father Time?