PD Factory Team – 15 Years

The PD Factory Team is the most successful team in the history of Canopy Piloting. They set out 15 years ago to bring high-speed precision canopy flight to the masses. This celebration 4-part documentary has classic old footage, showcases incredible action and gives a real insight into the team and the development of CP.

Part 1: The Making of a Dream

Covering the history of CP, with lots of vintage footage – from the days of Fast Accuracy through Pond Swooping, Blade-running, 2-way, the Pro Swoop Tour, Freestyle and more. The birth of the PD Factory Team. Why they chose each team member. The X-project. How to make the dream come true.

Part 2: Believe in the Impossible

PDFT's goal was to have a podium sweep at every meet and for a very long time they did. Episode 2 covers the birth and evolution of xRW. Dangers. Flying with Zoltan acrobatic plane over Dubai. Project Orange. Believing in the impossible and making it happen.

More To Come

Two more episodes:

PD FT’s Mission

  • Dream – Imagine the possibilities beyond the known boundaries of human flight.
  • Believe – Trust in ourselves, our teammates, and our vision.
  • Achieve – Work together to overcome all obstacles towards a common goal.
  • Inspire – Empower others to push their own limits and make their dreams a reality.
This article was originally published on skydivemag