Pro Wrestling Tees—Your One-Stop Shop For Customized Wrestling Tees

One of the ways to show your love for something or someone is to use their merchandise. People go crazy to get their hands on the merchandise of their favorite stars to showcase their fan-hood, and that is exactly where Pro Wrestling Tees comes into play.

The Backstory

Pro Wrestling Tees is a clothing company that started as a digital print shop back in 2008. Ryan Barkan had the idea to create customized shirts and sell them to local businesses in Chicago. The response Ryan got was quite mesmerizing which led him to form a company in 2010 by the name of One Hour Tees where he digitally printed different designs in as fast as one hour. Although his work was not focused on wrestling, in the beginning, it all changed when he met independent Chicago wrestler Colt Cabana. Colt Cabana asked Ryan if he could help him create bulk orders to sell at shows.

Soon afterward, Colt Cabana handed Ryan with another large order based on the quality-based delivery of his previous dispatch. Amazed by the quality of work and sheer professionalism of Ryan's work, Colt decided to offer Ryan the chance to promote his business, which itself was a huge honor for a business that had just gotten into the business.

This offer got Ryan featured on Colt’s podcast which got Ryan a lot of attention from wrestlers and the wrestling fans. This is when Ryan decided to dedicate his entire business to these wrestling fans, thereby creating a new e-commerce business called ‘Pro Wrestling Tees’ in 2013.

Transforming into Pro Wrestling Tees

The business was already marketed, and already blooming. All Ryan had to do was to meet the high demands of his newly formed customers. He was conducting his business through an e-commerce website. The brand epic quality of shirts got it further to greater heights than ever before.

Soon, Pro Wrestling Tees became the official seller of merchandise from over a staggering 1200 wrestlers. This kind of hype led to the brand gaining attention from different companies across the globe. A year after the formation, Pro Wrestling Tees joined hands with New Japan Wrestling to sell their merchandise. This was followed by another deal with ‘Hot Topic’ in 2017 that made headlines.

Pro Wrestling Tees is headquartered in Chicago; however, they offer their merchandise across the globe through their e-commerce website. Ryan's venture had gained an enormous reputation in the past decade making him one of the most popular names associated with the wrestling industry.

Today the company operates with a mind-boggling operating income of over $12,00,000. In 2017, apart from partnering with Hot Topic, the company also hit another long-awaiting milestone. Pro Wrestling Tees opened its first-ever brick and morter retail store offering shirts of pretty much every wrestler from Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan to Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michael etc.

Pro Wrestling Tees has become the go-to place for wrestling fans. The company is often approached by fans to have custom clothing made which is one of the key distinguishing factors of the company. To place your order or to explore their merchandise, simply visit