Entice Me, Yeah it is a Dare

Let that robotic thing smash

that robotic what? That robotic heart.

That's what.

Feel that rhythm, as my soul hits the floor

coming back for more

each breathe, letting in the times

like a smooth rhyme, as MY perspective is changing

bringing a pulse to this magnetic thing, HA

the heart?

that is cute

but I will move and wrap the world around the joy of movement that I experience

in this romanticly mechanized moment of music

in this romantically mechanized moment of music

bas bs drop, let my music flare

hit the world

like a solar flare

burning ever so brilliantly, taking up all the oxygen as

that is the price of this show.

There is nothing neat about this

it is called raw passion

raw power from which emmenates from the crazy metal, metallic

thing called, oh?


right, heart.

Feel that rhythm as my soul is singing out from the gradient particle of sand, that rush!

raw power from which emanates from the crazy metal, metallic article of sand that rush!

still moving this system to the metallic beat of sound, called joyous music.

I can't feel, but I sense those vibrations vibrating my system,

and there ain't no going back.

See that metallic pull,

something so real,

but ha,

so black and pure.