The different duckling

Awhile ago my 2.5 year old daughter was given a book about the “ugly duckling”. I remember reading the book when I was young. It was a classic tale with a lesson to be learned- don't judge a book by it's cover. As I read the book to Oli, I felt strongly to explain to her the meaning behind the story (even though at that time she was just happy to listen and hasn't begun to ask questions about it…nowadays I cant even finish a page without her interrupting me a couple of times asking all the whys and hows).

So instead of using the word “ugly”, I used the word “different”. I told my little girl that the “different” duckling was rejected because it did not look like the other ducklings. We talked about how everyone is special and is different from each other; that no two people is exactly the same. We looked at pictures of people and talked about the different colour, length and shape. We read the bible story of God creating the earth, plants, animals and Adam and He said that they were all good. No one was called ugly.

I told her that day that it is ok to be different. It is ok to be friends with others who look different than us. I told her that we are all beautiful and loved by God no matter how we look on the outside. She might not have understood all that we talked about but I pray that this little conversation that we had will one day enable her to step out and say hi to the other person who looks different to her.