Above Ground Swimming Pool: 6 Questions Answered

by Nicole Anderson
by Nicole Anderson

If you live in Australia, you know that summer is the season for fun and excitement in the water. This is to beat the heat which could be intolerable if you live away from the beach. It is a good thing that you can easily set up an above ground pool in your backyard.

It is better if you can relax by a poolside in the comfort of your own place. It means you don’t have to brave the scorching heat and drive to the nearest recreational or public pool in your area. Splash around in your lawn with your family and friends and have an impromptu barbecue as the sun sets.

If you don’t have a traditional pool, you can have an above ground pool installed at a fraction of the cost. Here are the answers to six questions you might have about above ground pools.

1. How much will it cost you to build an above ground pool?

More and more Australian homeowners are encouraged to install their own above ground pools. There are a lot of affordable and sleek models available in the market. There is always one that suits your budget. A round kiddie-size pool can go for as low as $249, while bigger models designed for families or for those who enjoy the company of friends normally cost $3,500 to $6,500 (inclusive of installation and some accessories).

2. Which is easier to install: an above ground or inground pool?

Compared to the traditional inground pool, a pool constructed above the ground is easier to install. It is also more flexible and affordable.

You can opt for a versatile model that can double as an inflatable spa. More luxurious models come with a built-in pump, filtration system, and a heater. Whilst these contemporary above ground models are a bit pricier (a fiberglass shell can cost around $7,000), they remain much cheaper and easier to install. They also require low maintenance compared to inground pools.

3. How deep (or tall) must your above ground pool be?

Above ground pools are available in many sizes. Standard depth sizes include 36, 48, 52, and 54 inches. With any of these sizes, the actual water level must be about six inches lower. If you want a pool that is five feet or more, increase your pool’s depth by eight to ten inches by having a deep end or deep centre. This will depend on the pool’s liner.

If you want to go deeper than ten inches, you can get an expandable pool liner. For smaller models, it is not advisable to dig down deep as the centre of the pool would be too steep for comfort.

4. Do you need a sleek deck around your pool?

A deck would not only improve the aesthetic appeal of your above ground pool; it would also provide additional space and functionality, not to mention comfort. Imagine sunbathing or having a romantic dinner by the poolside with someone special.

Before building your deck, decide on the dimensions based on the height and diameter of your pool. This will help you accurately estimate the width and height of the deck. It is also important to secure necessary local permits and have the site inspected before proceeding with the installation.

For the installation, make sure to hire experts to build your deck. It can be frustrating when you invested money and effort for something and see it poorly done. Other than having a gorgeous deck, it should be safe to use.

5. How can you maintain a safe and clean pool?

Keeping your pool safe and clean would not only safeguard your family from illness and accidents. It would also extend the life of your pool. A good, properly maintained pool can last from 10 to 15 years.

The pumps and filters available in stores can help in your maintenance tasks. Contemporary models have a built-in filter system.

6. What will you do with your pool during winter?

After enjoying days and weeks of fun in your above ground pool in the summer, you may want to secure it during winter.

You just don’t abandon your pool in the yard and expect to have it intact and ready for use next summer. Make sure that you do the necessary tasks to winterise your pool not just by putting a winter cover around it.

Protect your investment by ensuring that the pool is thoroughly cleaned. Parts and accessories like the motor, pump, filter, and ladder must be safely disconnected and stored in a dry, safe place. You can add anti-freeze to the plumbing and install winter plugs to keep water out from the pipes.

Do not drain it entirely to prevent it from being damaged by hydrostatic pressure.

Choose the right store

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