Top 6 Most Outrageous Fashion Shows in History

When you think of models, the first thing that comes to mind is a luxurious lifestyle. Models look fantastic, travel the world, wear the best clothes even get stuff for free. Their job in life is to look good. In reality, a model’s life is not always that luxurious.

Most of us have experienced crazy clients and bosses but these models had a hell of a day when they were asked to perform these crazy acts for a runway show. We are not just talking about wearing crazy tight clothes or sky-high heels. We are talking about things you would never imagine doing even in your scariest nightmare.

Some of the world’s best designers have gone the extra mile to attract attention to their newest line by making outrageous runway shows. Here are some of them:

1. Subway Runway

by unknown
by unknown

Subways are no way glamorous but a designer pulled a successful runway show during Berlin Fashion Week way back in 2012. The idea behind it was to represent the city’s underground aura. Models were dressed in amazing tailored clothes and the runway was an actual subway. People were seated on the sides and models strutted in the middle. It looked like an actual runway. Genius!

2. ‘Ring of Fire’ Runway

The late Alexander McQueen was indeed a fashion revolutionary. His eccentric and unorthodox ways of displaying his arts of work is something that will be remembered forever in time. His 1998 winter collection was inspired by Joan of Arc, a famous woman in French history that was burnt to the stake for being a ‘witch’. The ending was the best part. The show ended in a model dressed in red lace dress with fringe and a mask covering her entire face. The model stood in a ring of fire and posed for 10 minutes. Talking about a hot mess, huh?

3. Runway on Walls

You read that right. Models were asked to cast for a vertical fashion show. At the casting, they were asked if they have ever rock climbed before. The show was a showstopper and got immediate media coverage. All of the models were extremely professional and none of them got sick going down.

4. The Grand Canyon Fashion Show

Designers took it to themselves to use America’s greatest national treasure for marketing purposes. With transparent stage the scenery was mesmerizing. The audience didn’t know whether to look at the models or the picturesque background. J Autumn is a designer that is known for throwing runway shows in cities and natural environments. The models were asked to cast for this show only if they are not afraid heights. It would have been a sticky situation if one of the models started to panic in the middle of the show.

5. Aquatic Runway

If Ariel was real (which she totally is), she would have been the star supermodel. A Russian designer picked water for her amazing ethereal dresses that will go with the flow, literally. The show looked amazing and the dresses looked stunning, unreal even. This goes to show that a little bit of imagination goes a long way.

6. Great Wall of China as Runway

Fendi’s director at the time, by that we mean – Karl Lagerfeld, used China’s famous Great Wall of China. This was probably one of the most expensive runway shows in history. This eccentric idea cost Fendi an staggering one million dollars to make. It weird even how China let their national treasure be exploited in that way. But hey, at least it got a lot of publicity and by that we mean – tourists and cash.

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by unknown