Top 10 Fashion Icons That Gave Birth to Trends We Love Today

Trends come and go every season, but how do they come to be popular. Each season comes up with something new and often times we get tired of it after a while.

Celebrities are one of the most influential people when it comes to the fashion business. Trendsetters like Rihanna, Beyonce, Cara Delevigne, Kim K. etc. mark the season’s most popular trend. Some trends are here to stay for centuries. For that, we have to thank some pretty awesome ladies.

1. Audrey Hepburn

Her debut in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ launched Audrey to the starts. Her iconic look, standing in front of Tiffany’s store with a long black dress and a tiara in her head is one of the most important looks in history. This look has been recreated for years and years and it will stand the test of time forever. We can easily say that Audrey reinvented the little black dress.

2. Diana Ross

Known for her always ‘glam’ toe-to-head look, Diana is truly a remarkable fashion icon. She encouraged women to be bold and to wear whatever made them happy. She was a fan of luscious wigs and full sequined gowns. Diana gave meaning to the word ‘Diva’.

3. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was the ultimate queen of diamonds and luxury. Nobody has ever seen her without a full set of gems on her body. Maybe she doesn’t even go to the bathroom without them. Either way, Elizabeth Taylor has made it on our list because she’s a girl who knows what she wants – DIAMONDS.

4. Grace Kelly

Hermes designed a bag inspired by this amazing beauty called – The Kelly Bag. Her iconic looks consisted of well-tailored and delicate dresses. She might have been a princess of Monaco, but she was also a queen in the fashion world. Grace Kelly was known as a preppy actress who everybody grew to love.

5. Jackie Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy was known for her sleek and simple style. She always wore pillbox hats and boxy Chanel suits. An icon of elegance, Jackie represented her country in the best light possible. She was always on fleek and sleek. Even though she had to compete with Marilyn Monroe for the attention of her hubby, she remained a classy lady just like her style. Way to go, Jackie.

6. Katherine Hepburn

Being the most popular actress of her generation, Katherine was also an impeccable fashion icon and a pioneer for women who didn’t want to conform to the standard wear-dressing community. She loved sportswear and was rarely seen in a skirt or a dress. She always wore pants wherever she went because she favored comfort above all. You have to feel comfortable when you rule the world, right?

7. Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall won men’s hearts over with her smoldering look and voice. Along with her dusty voice, Lauren has an exquisite taste in fashion. She was the queen of prints. She loved wearing silky blouses, pencil skirts, pleated trousers and crazy shoes. This lady was bold and brave and nobody could stand in her way.

8. Madonna

Do we really need to explain why she made it on the list? I think not. Madonna influenced so many trends we wear today. Not only did she set trends, she broke fashion grounds in every single decade. Not everybody could do what she did, that’s why she is unique in her own way. She can get away with almost everything. Madonna stood the test of time and is still of the biggest fashion icons in history.

9. Marilyn Monroe

She is the queen of the beauty of the 50’s and 60’s. Marilyn deserves to be on this list because she never let clothes wear her instead she wore the clothes with love & passion. Whatever she put on, women wanted and men drooled over. She was the pioneer of curvy girls and we need to thank her for that. Her most iconic looks were the white flowy dress in ‘The Seven Year Itch’ and a long pink dress accessorized with sparkling diamonds in the movie ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’.

10. Twiggy

Twiggy was basically the world’s first supermodel. She wore lashes bigger than her eyes and daring looks. Twiggy was one of the best fashion icons in the 60’s. Everybody wanted to be Twiggy.