Clothes Don't Make You a Better Person

We've all met fascinating people in our lives who, by their beliefs or lifestyle, differ from everyone else. But, unfortunately, such samples are scarce! Some of them are treated as black sheep in society. It is interesting how a man, if he does not dress or behave as the environment expects, is ridiculed, or is not accepted by the community. It is likely that people feel safe when they do not stand out from the crowd when they have the feeling they belong somewhere. Easier living as a mediocre than a black sheep.

One my fascinating friend is an interesting person, an overly brave, self-confident man, a moving encyclopedia. It's a man who does not want to throw money for clothes, so he could bear the same pieces for years. According to him, the coin money, as he knew it to call clothes, was money thrown into the wind.

Each couple invested in buying books. His home was flooded with books. Unfortunately, he no longer lives in the country. It was interesting that when he appeared in the company of people who did not know him with his exterior, he was left with the impression of a poor man who barely scratched something to put on. Most looked at him with contempt, because they were probably rated according to the old jacket or worn-out sneakers.

by unknown
by unknown

Everyone is guided by the fact that it is terrible for poverty to knock at your door, so it's best to knock on someone else's door, never at your own. Like every person, you judge according to what you see, until you see it, you do not mumble something. He often knew proudly: “They will wait for me according to the garment, they will send me in my mind.” He had the power in just a few minutes to turn his attention to interesting conversations or questions that he loudly posed. He opened the debate, and in the end he always made an interesting conclusion.

In that company, another friend of ours, who always wore a branded outfit and was a real kitsch, often knew by underestimation to treat him. “But one is a cloister one, what do you know?” He often knew how to beat him. Of course, this behavior was not approved by anyone. Since people once met this man, the clothes were already negligible.

I often think about how we can be superficial and make conclusions based on the outward appearance. I will lie if I say that you did not happen to me to judge by the outward appearance. That's why I often remember this man.

Once I think he came over his head, although he was very moderate and careful with the words: “You think that those expensive Nikes you carry make you smarter or better than me. Not my friend, it's a matter of choice, you decide to wear expensive Nikes, I'll buy a good book. I do not mind that the last book you read was a novel for first graders, I do not think you should be bothered by what I do not wear Nikes, but cheap shoes from the market. “Everyone was stunned, and the guy remained with his mouth open, not knowing what to answer him. All my life I will remember that scene, when a friend gave another interesting lesson, about the intolerance to the other that is different from you and all the prejudices that exist.

The fact is that clothes can make us beautiful, but can not give us a good heart or open our minds.