Importance of visiting the dentists twice a year

Have you ever wondered why doctors say to visit the dentist regularly? Why is it essential to check up the dentist even when you have healthy teeth? Why must you take prior appointments of the dentist in Knightdale NC?

by New Hope Dental Care
by New Hope Dental Care

American Dental Association says that regular visit can help detect any problems to the teeth and the gums. A routine checkup can also help to prevent any issues that have just onset. Also, it would help you to be assured of a good oral condition and healthy gum. It is often recommended that the dentist should be visited twice a year or every six months.

What goes in the check-up session?

As you visit the clinic, the doctor would start by examining the face, neck, lymph nodes and the lower jaw joints. After checking these, the dentist would be coming to the mouth.

The steps involved:

  • Gum examination
  • Detecting any gum diseases
  • Confirming any loose teeth
  • Tissue examination inside the mouth
  • Tongue examine
  • Bite checking
  • Any visuality of tooth decay
  • Broken teeth and any damaged in teeth fillings
  • Gun checkup that is covering the teeth
  • Evaluation of any appliances which you may be having for dental issues
  • Taking X-rays if necessary.

Dentists in Knightdale NC also looks for some of the extra bit of things. They check if the patient is developing any plague or tartar symptoms. This is a very important thing to note as both of these problems can come within a short period.


If you have not been caring about the check-up, then stop doing so. Take appointments from the dentist and get the check update fixed. You will come to know about oral health. Even after taking regular care at home, a dental checkup is also important.