Ideas for Modern Office Supplies & Accessories

by Nemanja Manojlovic
by Nemanja Manojlovic

Setting up an office isn't an easy task at all. Resources play a crucial role in it, of course, but having all the necessary supplies and accessories makes your work much easier.

On top of all that, you'll always have your important business files and documents organized. Crucial office supplies are items that you and your employees use on a regular basis to make your daily tasks easier.

Therefore, these supplies and accessories matter a lot. On the other hand, quality office supplies can also refresh your work environment and give you additional motivation to get things done.

Even Small Office Accessories can Make a Big Difference

by Nemanja Manojlovic
by Nemanja Manojlovic

Most offices tend to look dull. Tiny cubicles, fluorescent lighting, bland carpets, dull-colored walls, these things can demotivate employees. Adding some personality and a splash of color might just make the place come alive.

Even though it's a working and professional environment, that doesn't mean that you can't have some personality and humor there. In fact, it's recommended to keep modern offices that way.

With that in mind, here are some good ideas for modern office supplies and accessories that can turn your office into a spunky and well-organized workspace.

Simple Solutions Are the Best Solutions

No matter how digitized and computerized your office is, you still need office stationery. It's simply indispensable for the most common office tasks, and it can make a real difference in overall productivity.

So, simple things like pen stands, pins, paperclips, punch machines, staplers, paperweights, organizers, files, folders, and papers are all necessary.

Wooden or Plastic Desk Organizer

by Nemanja Manojlovic
by Nemanja Manojlovic

You can keep all of them perfectly organized with a simple wooden or plastic desk organizer. On top of all that, if you find a sleek solution, you can easily turn your office into a stylish and modern workspace while getting attractive storage spots for your small office supplies, notepads, pens and so on.

Mount it to the wall or place it on your desk, the choice is yours.

Reports, books, files, documents, the paper is mandatory in any office. That means the organization is simply everything in any office, regardless of what they do.

A simple desk organizer helps organize all your important files and documents but also other office supplies. A desk organizer is designed to help you keep your work desk tidy, keeping all your work-related documentation at your fingertips.

Folders and Files

Leaving papers and documents laying around or stacking your desk and every disposable shelf with stuff and papers isn't acceptable if you plan on running a successful office. To establish order and make things organized, you need files and folders. That means that folders, card holders, report covers, document binders, and so on, all fall into this category.

With all this in mind, having a practical and cost-efficient solution to keep your files and folders organized seems like common sense. Blue Summit Supplies legal size hanging file folders are the best way to do that.

These were designed for easy document retrieval and efficient filing while allowing extra ease of use in your standard size legal filing cabinets. These file folders come with fixed hangers, which allow easier legal file relocation as well as hanging. The file folder Value Pack includes:

  • 50 Plastic tab holders
  • 60 Paper label tabs
  • 50 Standard Green Legal file folders

Blue Summit file folders are a simple user-friendly solution to keeping all your important hanging files together and within arm’s reach when you need them the most. Easily relocate and hang all your legal files inside your file cabinet with the highest quality file hangers, attached to the folder.

Other Office Accessories

When it comes to other cool office accessories, a mini USB vacuum cleaner can bring a lot of brightness into your ordinary work days. While you may hate vacuuming at home, doing it on a miniature scale can be more fun than you can imagine.

On top of all that, a mini USB vacuum is actually quite useful, not to mention that it's so cheap that it's almost ridiculous and it looks like a real vacuum cleaner. It will help keep your working desk clean and tidy, maybe even help discover some of the papers and things you forgot about.

One of the most popular desk accessories lately is definitely the toaster sticky notes and sharpener. It's small, it's cute, and it helps keep your notes organized. Additionally, it comes with sticky notes in the shape of two pieces of bread. To spice things up a bit, this toaster isn't only for sticky notes, it's also a magnetic paper clip and phone holder.

Just to looking at it once or twice during your work day will bring a smile to your face. Now, we can mention solar-powered rainbow makers, pen scanners, balance ball chairs, even plants, DIY Zen gardens, cool trash cans and so on, the list is endless but we will mention one more thing: a desktop party pack.

No one said that you can't have some fun while working, as all work and no fun isn't a good way to go. A desktop party pack is a great way to make every employee feel special and is a nice surprise gift as well.

Keep all these ideas in mind and you'll always work in a happy environment.