How can the internet help you choose more than just a tattoo design?

Tattoos, tattoos … everywhere

Look over the sphere

Tell me where

Here or there

Who’d make you with care?

Which design to choose ⸺

Please just give me all the whats and whos!

Before the silent night coos

I want a tattoo

That’d represent my midnight blues

Covering all the hues

Not giving away too much clues.

We all have that phase in our life when we have a desire to get something tattooed on our finger, neck, or literally wherever! The problem comes when we are all set, but we don’t know if we’ll be able to bear the pain of the needle. The question is whether we want a tattoo plastered all over us in the future or are we just wanting it at the moment and will we regret it later?

Just like planning a baby– getting a permanent tattoo is a serious decision. I wanted to get a finger tattoo or have something etched on the side of my palm. There are so many cool designs I had to choose from but I was told I shouldn’t by many tattoo artists. None of them could truly satisfy me and I was worried about the pain, until Quora answered my question by showing a particular tattoo pain chart. I searched the internet only to find out that finger and palm tattoos are the most painful to get. Moreover, they fade away the fastest and heal the slowest. Most tattoo artists don’t even try to brand their art on such body parts because people go about blaming the artist rather than understanding the reality of the situation. I would not have found this out honestly, if it hadn’t been for my high speed internet provider. They have a lot of deals going on these days, you can totally check out some CenturyLink Internet packages.

I also found out that tattoo infections aren’t always solely the artists’ fault but ours as well. For instance, did you know too much humidity is one of the main reasons of tattoo infections? You should always get tattoos during the winter months because our body is covered during this time and it allows for proper healing due to the fact that the area is protected by our clothing.

I also found out how a tattoo can affect white collar workers depending on how visible the tattoo is in the office. The internet is literally like a wise old godfather that dispenses answers and advice all the time. It gave me the knowledge needed to question my chosen artist as per my uncertainties. It also gives smart hacks and efficient ways to cover our tattoos if we want. Like if someone gets through the pain of the much glorified finger tattoo – they should wear big/long rings to cover it up. This way people would notice the ring and not see the tattoo directly.

Overall, after constant research about designs, tattoo shops and their reviews, rates and efficiency, I was able to schedule a day for the tattoo procedure to be performed on me. I am going to the Last Rite’s Tattoo Theatre next weekend. I’ll probably let you guys in on how it went and what to expect for your first tattoo.

Till then, wish me luck and take care!