Alpena, Michigan: Everything you Need to know about

America is a beautiful country. Every state of this beautiful country has its respective features that set it apart from the neighbouring as well as far off states of America. Like very state has its own attractions, so does Michigan. Alpena – the city whose population roughly amounts to 9,997 – is famous for its attractions like lighthouses and the fact that it is one of the largest cities in Northeast Michigan. People who are fond of visiting or living by the watery places, should consider making a trip to Alpena for they will find plenty of opportunities to witness colourful water sides – lakes, rivers, canals, ponds – the reason why it is one of the two anchor cities of Northern Michigan. The zip code of Alpena is 49707.


On Average, Alpena is estimated to accumulate 39 inches of rain per year. And the amount of snow it receives every year is 79 inches from the ground. There is another method of searching the comfortable year-round climate which helps understand how favourable the climate remains throughout the year for inhabitants as well as the visitors. Alpena gets a score of 40 out of 100. The average for the comfort index in US is 54, in comparison to which, Alpena has a very admirable climate. The method of finding the index is based on the total number of days per year in the comfort range of 70-80 degrees. The penalty for days of extreme humidity is also applied. If you ever get a chance to visit Alpena, you might strike the chances of experiencing rain, snow, hail or sleet which on average falls for 73 days a year.

Based on how the temperature remains around the year, Alpena might just be the best place for you or your family members. Around the year, you experience every kind of weather: summer, spring, winter, autumn. You would also get to experience snowfall, which would not be as bad as it is in Dakota’s, in fact, a very gentle amount that lets you have fun and enjoy time with your family without giving you grief about getting stuck at home. It is enough to let you have a memorable time, all snuggled up in the blankets to watch your favourite show on the weekends.

Speaking of watching movies and TV shows on the weekends, if you are planning to move to Alpena or staying for a temporary duration, you can find the right TV, phone, or internet service for your place without having to go through the hassle of trying multiple services before settling for the best one. The simple way of finding the best service for your home is by taking feedback from your neighbourhood, reading reviews on the internet from local sites, or drawing comparative analysis from the trial months of the best services people recommend you. This way you will be able to make your own opinion on the matter and see for yourself what fulfils your needs.

Internet, cable and Phone Services

To cut half of your difficulties, here’s a guideline for how to select a service for your place:

If you are planning to settle down in Alpena, or there for just a couple of months, you can check the data from independent consumer surveys that illustrate how effective the cable services have been. According to our judgment, Spectrum Alpena MI has been ranked as the best TV service provider among all the cable companies in Alpena, Michigan. Whenever you are trying to pick the service for your place, make sure you don’t value cost over the quality of the service. For your office’s needs, you cannot simply compromise on the quality and quantity of the services. Even for home use, where there are members who need it to fulfil their academic needs, you need a promising service. You have to make sure you do not compromise on these matters by settling for cheap deals. Bigger cable companies are almost available everywhere but to get the local channels, you need to do some research on networks that are offering those channels in bundle packages. This way you will never miss out on making winter memories with your family.

According to the surveys received by our analysts, the best internet service provider in Alpena, Michigan, is Frontier internet. This result was achieved by taking into account various offers that promised meeting the needs of users belonging to every age group. Download speeds of each service provider is extremely important in giving their customers a good experience. 29Mbps is the state average download speed. The download speed of each service provider is compared with this number to calculate the performance of a particular service. With this comparison, you can deduce which offer meets your demands and fulfils your needs.

Once you are done hunting the right service for yourself, the next thing you have to do is to know the ways you can reduce the numbers on the bills that come with the service. The easiest and simplest way of doing that is by bundling the deals that you would be needing. For example, if you don’t have a cable service at your home and what you are searching for is a reliable phone service, you can consider those service providers that are already offering both the services. Giving more attention to your needs, you can select those bundle offers that suffice your requirements. Just before you plan to get a service, you should also know that you will find plenty of bundle offers that contain all the three services: internet, cable and phone.

Places to Stay in Alpena, Michigan

If you have finally planned to spend some time in Alpena, we can tell you about a few places that will let you have the best time of your lives. You should never compromise on the shelter you choose for yourself or your family no matter how long you plan a stay at a respective place. To make your living worthwhile, a number of factors are involved. What if you’re not getting enough water in your hotel? What if the bed is not comfortable enough for your family? What if the room service is extremely lethargic? What if you are not offered internet services whenever you make your stay? Above all these reasons, you need to find a place that is safe. Nothing is more important than the safety of your family. If the area you choose for your living is not safe, you and your family can get in a lot of trouble. There are a number of things that add in to make your stay comfortable, convenient and safe. You have to make sure your family sets foot in a safe neighbourhood where your family members can safely roam around – a place that is close to marketplace, stations, bus stops so that your commute is not a big hassle.

Here is a list of hotels that we deem safe for your and your family’s stay:

Days Inn Alpena

Address: 1496 MI West, Alpena, MI 49707

If you book this hotel for yourself, you do not have to worry about the money as the rates for one night in this hotel start from $59. Not only is it cheap, it is a smoke-free motel, located near Thunder Bay River State Forest. It has only two floors and 77 rooms to accommodate a good number of families. It has a heated indoor swimming pool, and an exercise room. The perks of selecting this hotel also contain serving free continental breakfast. You can take up your official work there too if you wish, because you will get free internet service 24/7. Parking is free as well. Other than these perks, what most of the hotels do not offer is a space for pets. You get to keep dogs in this hotel if you like. It is extremely pets friendly. It provides a space for your pet to play, to do their routinely tasks. All you would be asked to do is pay $10 per night for your dogs and keep them for an entire day.

With all these aforementioned perks, you will be able to make good memories with your friends and family if trip is what you are aiming for in Alpena. For the nights and beautiful evenings, you can visit nearby lighthouses and watch the changing colours of the river.

It is a 4/5 rated hotel. One thing that will even brighten your experience is the hygiene that is taken quite seriously in this hotel. You will wake up to a neat and tidy hotel, just the way you would have experienced it a day before.

Ramada Hotel Alpena

Now that we have mentioned a few features that make a stay worthwhile at a place, there are only good places in our list that will promise all those facilities. Ramada Hotel Alpana is another hotel located near Thunder Bay River State Forest that has two floors and 148 rooms. The best thing about this hotel is its ability to bring their resident from Alpena County Regional Airport, free of cost. You also get to have a heated indoor swimming pool where you can take your children, or go with your friends to have a refreshing and relaxing bath. In the mornings, you don’t have to miss the exercise routines back from home because in this hotel you will have the access to the exercise room for free. You can go there whenever you want. Then another perk of being in this hotel is to be able to eat whenever you want in the restaurant. In this hotel, they have their own restaurant that offers good and healthy food which is not that expensive either. You also get free hot breakfast buffet. Internet services are also available in this hotel for absolutely free. It means that you can even watch movies all night. Or with the cable working in your room, you can watch TV all night. You can also park your automobile in the parking lot for free; and you can also bring your pet up to 70 pounds. You can bring 1 pet per room. You will face some restrictions regarding pets in the hotel. For example, you can only keep one pet per room and you cannot leave your pet alone in the room. Only if you commit to be with your pet all the time, you can bring it. You would also have to pay $25 per night for a pet in this pet friendly hotel.

Best Western of Alpena Hotel

Address: 1285 MI 32, Alpena, MI 49707

This smoke-free motel, located near Thunder Bay River State Forest, has two floors and 40 rooms with no elevator. You can also get heated indoor swimming pool in this hotel to spend a good relaxing time alone or with your family. If you also want to exercise during your stay. You will get that facility as well. You can bring hot food to your room, watch a good movie with your family or friends and if during that period, your food gets cold, you can microwave them whenever you want for this hotel keeps a refrigerator and a microwave in every room. You will get free internet service, free car and truck parking. It is a pet friendly motel that allows only dogs for $5 per night.

Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Downtown Alpena

Address: 225 River Street, Alpena, MI 49707

The check-time for this hotel is 15 00 and the check-out time is 11 00. It is a downtown hotel that is smoke-free, containing 4 floors, 90 rooms and 18 suites. They offer heated indoor swimming pool and an exercise room to their customers. You also get the facility of microwave and refrigerator in every room. The best part is the free hot breakfast buffet you get in the morning. Apart from that, you get free Wi-Fi and parking slot. Unfortunately, it does not allow pets in the hotel.

Restaurants and Places to Visit in Alpena

1. Shipwreck Tours

If you are interested in marine life, watery places, or ships and boats, you can visit Shipwreck which is a home to Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary, is full of sunken treasures. It is preserved by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. If you want to go visit this place, you can take ship or a boat like glass-bottom boats to this reservoir. This takes you deep into the realms of beautiful marine life which is not only therapeutic, but also quite cathartic. You completely forget about the robustness of life and delve into the beauty of nature.

2. Dinosaur Gardens

There is an outdoor park and a museum just outside Alpena known as Dinosaur Gardens. If your children are interested in palaeontology or history, you can definitely take them to these gardens that exhibit 26 different dinosaur replicas that are as real as the real ones would have been. The gardens are not only about dinosaurs, though. They are about everything interesting related with history that you and your family can enjoy. You can collect souvenirs while having a cup of frozen yogurt while you are roaming around in the Gardens. It is going to be a refreshing adventure not only for you but for your family as well.

3. Lighthouse

The most prominent feature of this city is the lighthouses it contains. One can visit any of the seven lighthouses, one of which is “Little Red”—the famous of them all, that gives the tourist the delightful experience of exploring evening sky colours, reflecting on clean waters. You can visit a lighthouse after you have eaten nice dinner from a restaurant: Austin Broth, The Fresh Palate and Courtyard Restaurant, to name a few. These are some moderately priced restaurants that are highly ranked by the visitors. You can also visit Nowicki’s Sausage Shoppe, Gen-Ar’s and Take 5 Deli for delicious lunch but if you are trying to save money, you can visit Mancino’s Pizza and Grinders, John Boy’s Restaurant and Hungry Hippie.

4. Beaches

Speaking of water, what is more fascinating than a day on the beach? You can take a day off from your family and friends and spend some me-time at the beach or you can take your company with you, it will be just the same romantic and relaxing for a day. In Alpena, you won’t even find beaches that are extremely crowded with people since it is underrated and not many people know about it. You can also go to the lakes and try scuba-diving and other water sports. There are a lot of eating spots around the lakes and beaches where you can enjoy Michigan food.

Once you enter in the city, considered as one of the two anchor cities of Northern Michigan, you will find some of the prominent spots like “Sunrise Side” famous for its commercial fishing activities. This city is known for its limestone quarry being one of the largest in the world. You will find almost everything of your need in this quiet city of lakes and beaches.