Prediction for Online Learning in 2019

by Alicia Brook
by Alicia Brook

Online learning is bringing new advancements every year, whether it is in technology or pedagogy. This often leads online learning to successful student learning results. Whereas, online learning is expected to increase in the coming years. Online learning is a trendy mode of learning, where interveners are eager to ponder new usability and functionality.

We see numerous online portals providing educational assistance on various subjects, and the industry is thriving day by day. No matter if a students’ needs cost accounting assignment help or civil engineering, nursing to neuroscience, there is no bar for any subject.

In recent research conducted by Professional LMS provider, they have specified the top 6 online learning predictions for the rest of the year.

We did some groundwork over the topic and found some of the latest predictions that can be expected in online learning. The objective is to develop a global cyber learning landscape, get a clearer view of the points below.

The 6 Online Learning Predictions for the upcoming years

1. Videos will rule: The whole digital world is dominated by videos; videos are the new image of 2019. We’ve already witnessed the viewership of videos are increasing by the end of last year. Moreover, video-based training is more effective and accepted by all. It is predicted that by the end of 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be based on videos.

2. A rise of AI data: Artificial data is rising everywhere, it upholds a special place in eLearning too. Online learning systems are integrated into online learning systems. The newly invented tools can draw actionable insights and make online software’s more adaptive for learners. This will also emphasize the areas that need improvement.

3. Wearable devices: The market of wearable devices are reaching high, it is predicted by 2020, 411 million smart devices worth $34 billion are likely to be sold in the education sector.

4. Social learning for success: Social media platforms are becoming tools for many companies as training purposes. It is expected that 43% of workplaces will include social media as their tool for training by the end of 2019.

5. Cloud computing to capture attention: cost efficient and reduced learning and developments cost is the reason for the growing demand for cloud-based learning tools. The market inclusive is expected to reach $300.5 billion in the upcoming years.

6. Enhanced use of mobile learning: The mobile application is sky rocking in the education sector from the last year. The global usage of education application is expected to $80.6 billion by 2020.

Ultimately, regardless of which educational tools students choose to adopt, online or not, the success and education development is the main objective to be measured. In the new age, many toddlers are getting familiar with the online mode of learning. Therefore, in the future, the anticipated growth will be escalated.