Top 5 Incredible Benefits of Using Beetroot.

Health is always a hot subject of discussion because it is so dear to our lives. Anyone who wants to live a health life must go an extra mile and do the right things as well as eating the right foods.

Excellent health is comprised of a couple of things but today we will look at the importance of incorporating beetroot into our diet.

by Catherine Mwinza
by Catherine Mwinza

1. Helps Prevent cancer, blood pressure and Acne.

Beetroot, Apple, Carrot and Lemon Juice.

This juice combination is known to prevent cancer, Acne, blood pressure, heart attack and constipation as well. Taking it daily may help strengthen immune system, eyes, kidney and improves digestion as well.

Beets are a good source of minerals and vitamins, they contain antioxidants that helps in cleansing and detoxifying your body.


1 beetroot

1 Apple

½ Lemon

1 Carrot

Method of preparation

Step 1.

Wash all the ingredients and cut the apple into small pieces that are easy to blend, grate your carrots as well as the beetroot.

Step 2.

In a clean blender, place all the ingredients except the lemon, add ½ glass of water and puree into a smooth paste. If the paste is too thick and some more water to get the right consistency.

Step 3.

Take your half Lemon and squeeze out the juice on the puree and run the blender one more time to mix up everything.

Step 4.

In a clean glass, serve your juice and enjoy.

2. Helps relief constipation

When you wake up in the morning before having your breakfast, take some beetroots and slice them to get ½ a cup, boil them and eat them. They help in relieving indigestion.

3. Good way to deal with dandruff.

Do you suffer from Dandruffs and are wondering what to do?, then here is a solution that may work for you. Take one or two beets and together with their roots and boil them. Use this water to massage your scalp every night and see how it works. Note: This may or may not work for you.

4. Excellent for Expectant Mothers.

Beetroot has got an abundant presence of folic acid in it that is crucial for any expectant mother. This component helps in the formation of the unborn baby’s spinal cord. By taking beets the expecting moms will be able to get folic acid and their energy levels will be boosted to the required levels during pregnancy.

5. Improved Sexual Health

Beetroots are commonly used to boost sexual health. Beets helps in releasing nitric oxide into the body thus widening the blood vessels hence increased blood flow to the genitals. Beetroots also contain a chemical called boron that helps in the production of the human sex hormone.