How To Win A Scholarship

by Muhammad Arshad Butt
by Muhammad Arshad Butt

How to some people get scholarships to more than ten prestigious colleges yet your applications keep getting rejected? In awarding scholarships, factors such as your application, essays, academic transcripts, presentation, voluntary work, leadership ability, extra-curricular participation and so much more that depends on the awarding body.

There some scholarships that are specifically targeted to certain demographics and you are simply wasting your time if you apply and you don’t belong to the target group. For instance, only Burger King Employees and their dependents are eligible for the Burger King Scholarship. Apply only for scholarships for which you meet the criteria and you stand a chance of getting picked or shortlisted.

Here are tips on how to win a scholarship.

Research on Your Essays

Most scholarships ask for essays about yourself and a few select topics. You sell yourself short if you have been using the same essays for all your applications.

Like any job application, you need to tailor the tone and content of your essays to suit the requirements of the scholarship. Some scholarships have very stringent demands for their essays that you have to meet or else your application gets automatically disqualified.

The advantage of the these kind of scholarships is that few people are willing to put in the work needed to come up with a compelling essay and you stand a higher chance if you can do the hard work.

If the essays require some research, then do exactly that. No shortcuts.

Apply to All Eligible Scholarships

The people who win a lot of scholarships get them because they apply to all the ones they are eligible for. Your odds of winning a scholarship get higher as you apply for more

So, submit your applications to all the scholarships you are eligible for. Don’t disqualify yourself on the basis of a scholarship selecting fewer people or having a rigorous selection process. You never know, it might be your lucky turn.

Follow the Instructions

Every scholarship comes with its own terms and requirements which you must read and understand. You get automatically disqualified when you can abide by simple instructions. Understanding what is required is important in fulfilling the requirements.

Do not be in hurry to apply for the scholarship that you fail to read the instructions and make silly mistakes that sabotage your chances of winning it. Make sure you attach all the requisite documents as asked for and have filled all the required forms.

More importantly, proofread all the forms and essays before submitting. Spelling and grammar mistakes can often be perceived as carelessness and a lack of attention to detail.

Get involved in Community Work

Many scholarship panels highly rate volunteering experience which makes sense since most of the bodies awarding scholarships are non-profit organizations giving back to the community.

Volunteering shows that you are an all-rounded human being who is likely to use the skills and knowledge you get from the scholarship for the good of humanity.