Which is the best company to hire dedicated front-end developers?

Well, before searching the best front-end development company and hire dedicated front-end developers out of its pool, you must clear concept that what you will look into a front-end development agency then after the developers.

An Ideal Front-end Development Company:

  • It should have adequate infrastructure to support any scale of development using the latest hardware and software tools.
  • The latest communication channels are essentiality to bridge the gap between hiring dedicated front-end developers and clientele.
  • The latest testing facilities for the web UI and mobile UI for performance and user experiences.
  • Robust support system to address any level of queries with quick responses.
  • The presence of maintenance and update/upgrade team.

An Ideal Team of Hire Dedicated Front-end Developers:

The professional personality of an ideal front-end developer must have following soft skills/characteristics.

  • Your ideal developers should pay attention to details.
  • Should have a passion for learning the latest and additional technologies as well as skills.
  • Should have flexibility and adaptability.
  • Developer should self-motivated.
  • Should have critical thinking.
  • Should be a good leader with patience, active listening, and conveying abilities.

Let’s check the technical skills of an ideal front-end developer.

  • Expertise on the latest coding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is the fundamental requirement.
  • Command over CSS and JavaScript frameworks
  • Familiarity with GitHub like the version control system
  • Accustom to mobile-friendly design or device agnostic design
  • Knowledge of the latest testing, debugging, and maintenance technologies and tools.
  • Creative to UI design and interaction programming
  • Capable of creating automated tools to enhance productivity and performance.

I am Jaki Watson serving in a leading Web Development Company in the USA named Perception System, San Jose, California. As far as I know, the team is working for more than 17+ years here. The majority of developers are full stack developers and have good command over the latest web development technologies.

Front-end development specialists at Perception System have a passion for the latest trends and tools. The team has all the traits described here. Infrastructural facilities for front-end development is on the par. Training and resources are in place to enhance the capabilities for the developers. Client-centric and cost-effective development are prime concerns here.

For the sake of confirmation, you can visit our front-end development portfolio and check our case studies to assure our reliability and superiority.