What Does the Term "Full-Stack Programmer" Mean? What Are the Defining Traits of a Full-Stack Programmer?

by Moses Aaron
by Moses Aaron

When you create software, be it a desktop application, web application or a mobile application only programming language is not enough to accomplish it. You need tools to do design, prototyping, coding, testing, data storage, database management, and deployment. These all programs/technologies, platforms, and frameworks are build off the previous forming a pile (Stack) of technologies.

The majority of software developers have deep expertise in one or two technologies/layers at the beginning of their career. With the pace of time, they learn other technologies residing in different layers and being capable of creating a complete software with minimum help of niche experts. Such programmers or developers have won a title, “Full Stack Software Developer!”

Today, LAMP, MEAN, and MERN are known stacks. If you want to know more regarding these all, please go through my blog “Some Facts to Know about Full Stack Development” & “Want to Move to Full Stack Development but Not Sure Where to Start?” where I have described things with required details.

The expected traits of full-stack developers are:

  • Full stack developers comprehend project/client requirements quickly
  • They have abilities to lead the team and prove efficient project managers
  • They can help in project planning, strategy development, methodology selection, testing, designing, programming, deployment, marketing, support, and maintenance
  • They help the team in the choice of the operating system, servers, development frameworks, and various 3rd party integrations.
  • The most significant benefits are that they prevent delays and issues come with switching between various experts because they can work on all required tasks like front-end, back-end, and database management.
  • They enable the team to deliver output earlier by saving time and efforts in going forth-n-back frequently because they can streamline the project by switching their roles not the work between developers.

Therefore, the average salary of full-stack developers is higher than niche technology experts, but it is worth to spend.

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