A different path

Sometimes I like to build certain scenarios in my head. Just for fun. To see what a different reality would be like, or to make it sound more fun for others I like to go into a parallel universe in my head. I'm sure alot of us do that, where they imagine themselves taking a different path, maybe saying a yes to something they hastily said no to, maybe saying something they couldn't to their loved ones or like in my case unable to speak my mind to someone I really wanted to correct but for some odd reason, a constriction in my throat prevented me from doing so. So now, here I am thinking if I had spoken my mind? What difference would it have made.

I'm not a writer, my English isn't very good. However I feel like I do have alot to say hence here I am. Writing down all the random clutter that comes to my mind in attempt to sort out the confusion. Now if some of you don't know it, imagining different realities or scenarios is actually a form of fantasising and according to psychologist it's one of our Defense mechanisms. Our way of coping with harsh realities of life . However the question that arises is, is it a healthy form or not? I'm not quiet so sure, I suppose it depends on how you use it or how MUCH you use it. The occasional usage to cope with stress into a dream world sounds harmless enough but when it hinders with your acceptance of reality? Oh boy are we in trouble. Now coincidently i see this post during the time period I am working on this and it perfectly reflects on what I've been trying to say in 10 simple word.

" You are one decision away from a totally different life "

It really makes one wonder how a small decision could lead you to a completely different outcome. The fun of it is, most of the time in real life you don't actually know what will be the consequence of your actions. So we do what we think is right and hope for the best.

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