Marketing in The NGO World: The Basics

Marketing is one of the most important things for any business. However, in the NGO world, it’s even more important to have a smart and cost-effective marketing strategy. As NGOs don’t receive any profit for running their business, they need to rely, more than any other business, on public relations.

Therefore, we need to look at this from two aspects: there is the negative aspect where NGOs don’t have a lot of money to allocate to their marketing strategy and then there is the positive aspect where NGOs advocate good causes which people are prone to support.

In that case, the marketing strategy of the organisation needs to be directed to the good cause they are representing in order to reach their audience and potential donors.

Know Your Audience

The first step when it comes to organising a great marketing strategy is to know your audience – to whom you are going to market your cause. In that case, you need to look at your cause as the product and your donors as your customers.

When you put it this way, it really doesn’t differ much from any other business strategies. You need to devote a lot of time and energy doing data researching before even starting to market your ‘product’.

First, search for people and organisations which are known to support causes similar to yours and people who have enough resources to donate a part of their wealth.

Second, there is always a number of successful businesses which want to market themselves this way – donating a part of their income to a good cause is, without doubt, something that can help a business be likeable and even more successful.

Celebrity Marketing

One of the best things to do in order to raise awareness and to make your NGO visible is to find celebrities who want to support your cause. Celebrities who will be in your marketing campaign will bring media attention that you need and it’s free of charge – where famous people go, mass media goes too.

It’s also a win-win situation – as celebrities will be recognised for doing a good thing and will keep media attention which they need. It would be great if they would openly give speeches on the topic and be present at your charitable events.

Internet Marketing

One of the most amazing things of this technology era is that you can actually market yourself without any cost using the internet. Everyone you need to reach is using some sort of social media. Therefore, your social media presence needs to be on top of the game. Even without paid ads, you can reach so many people so fast.

The thing to remember is to always have interesting and alluring content – whether it’s written or video content. Don’t forget email marketing – once you find your audience, email marketing is the way to go.

Themed Events

When you already know your audience and have a good marketing strategy in place, it’s important to have a big finishing touch which you will give people the final nudge to donate. Themed events are a good way to get your audience together and to directly market your cause – nothing works better than face-to-face conversation.

Themed events are particularly interesting and alluring to people. As mentioned, you need to look at your donors as they were your customers and they need to be motivated to come to such an event. Making an original and memorable evening will also inspire people to give more money. A company like Fundraising Events can help you put such an event together.

In Conclusion

Marketing strategy for NGO’s can be challenging as there is usually lack of budget, but if you put together interesting and approachable marketing strategy, you will have no worries keeping your organisation afloat and successfully running.

Just remember to exploit your biggest advantage – your noble goal.