How to Leverage AI to Grow Your Business

Robot drawing on the paper — by Mike T Deane
Robot drawing on the paper — by Mike T Deane

Artificial intelligence is a long way from enslaving humanity and conquering the world as we know it. In the meantime, businesses, small and large, will do well to implement AI technologies in improving their workflows.

Think about it. With the latest advancements in technologies and the alarming growth of data, there are mountains of information at your fingertips. Information that can easily give you the edge in your niche.

Except, those mountains of information are pretty huge, and sifting through them is not exactly a walk in the park. It isn’t hard to see why AI’s importance is growing as steadily as the continuous spikes in data.

Considering AI can help business leaders change the way they interpret data and interact with customers for the better. It is also important that business leaders know how best to implement these tools into their workflows.

Below we speak on how to leverage AI to grow your business. Namely, by analysing and interpreting data, and using these processes to augment the customer experience.

Something to Keep in Mind – Leadership

Yes, AI can do wonders for your top and bottom line. But Artificial Intelligence and sorcery have little in common. You’re not going to sloppily try and incorporate AI into your business and see results overnight. In fact, strong leadership is a MUST for this to work in favour of your business.

Businesses that have found success by adopting AI, first received executive-leadership support as far as implementing the new technology. According to, firms they found to have successfully adopted AI received strong support not only from CEOs and IT executives, but also from a collective of C-level officers, and board of directors.

This is an important factor to keep in mind. One that speaks volumes about what it takes to successfully adopt AI technologies into your workflow.

Marketing Made “Easy”

Some AI software has predictive analytic features that take the guesswork out of marketing and make your job a lot easier. Domo, for instance, is software that uses machine learning and predictive analytics to help you formulate the most effective strategies for engaging potential customers.

Another important piece of the marketing puzzle is content. Especially if you revamp every bit of content across your social media platforms. Check out Post Intelligence. This tool has the ability to target specific audiences with content tailored to trending topics and content suggestions.

When offered these insights, you can craft content for your users and be confident the material will resonate with them. Even better, this software is able to pool interesting topics and suggest an appropriate tone for the content. It also offers direction for visual content that is likely to appeal to prospects.

Human Errors Are ~Inevitable~ Avoidable

by Mike T Deane
by Mike T Deane

We are only human. It’s okay to make a mistake here and there, right? Except when it comes to your business. I’m not saying people must become so proficient at something that they cease to make mistakes and minor errors.

What I’m saying is, no error is worth losing business over. You should also put things in place to prevent errors to the best of your abilities. Or rather, your AI’s abilities. Just think, errors can at times be trivial, and easily swept under the rug. Other errors might ruin your finances and flush your reputation down the toilet.

AI may not be emotionally flexible, or capable of wowing prospects with charisma, but it does make for fewer liabilities. Remember, human workers are susceptible to physical and emotional distractions. These distractions can at times become damages that are impossible to reverse. Replacing employees with AI makes for fewer inaccuracies, some of which are likely the result of human error. In other words, the work environment will automatically be more conducive to quality management. Something that is difficult to achieve in manual processes, or depending on the volume of work, impossible.

Customer Service Delivery, At Its Finest

Customer relations are a key element to your business being successful, and that's not going to change any time soon. That said, more and more companies are acknowledging what AI can do for their customers and their businesses. No matter how well trained your customer support unit is, when the workload skyrockets there will be challenges in meeting customer expectations. Especially if your customer base is the size of a small planet.

Engaging customers with chatbots, for instance, can help to lessen the workload of human agents, allowing your team to focus on more complex tasks that require their attention.

What About Leads?

Even in cases where lead generation and nurturing are your focus, bots can help to erase the hassle from these processes. All you need to do is program sets of questions that allow you to determine where prospects fall in your sales funnel. Using AI in these contexts is straightforward and will work with other lead nurturing strategies you have already put in place.