Event Marketing for Noobs: Where to Get Started

Planner with notes — by Mike T Deane
Planner with notes — by Mike T Deane

Did you know that 96% of people are more inclined to buy a product after attending a live company event? It’s true. Organising fun and exciting events can help you connect with existing clients, attract new clients and communicate with the local community.

If you have your mind set on organising your very first company event, make sure to follow these 3 tips fit for an event marketing newbie.

1. Consult an Event Planne

If this is your first attempt at organising a company event, it might be a good idea to consult a professional event planner to help you out – for example turn to Kevin Rowe event management with your initial ideas. Event planners have the knowledge and the expertise that can be perfected only through years of experience.

They know the best venues, catering firms, transporters and can often get you a discount for them. Since they know what works and what doesn’t, event planners can show you many tips and tricks that you can later use to organise and market an awesome company event completely by yourself.

2. Make the Most of Your Social Media Pages

Make the Most of Your Social Media Pages — by Mike T Deane
Make the Most of Your Social Media Pages — by Mike T Deane

Social marketing is an easy, affordable and effective way to spread the word about your company event. So make sure to make the most of it. It’s important to remember that different social media channels demand different marketing approaches.

Make sure to create an eye-grabbing banner with the event details (time, place, ticket prices, etc.) and pin it to your Facebook page. Images are hugely important for Facebook advertising since they can account for up to 90% of its effectivity.

Also, consider paying a small amount of money for Facebook ads. Facebook advertising lets you market your event to a carefully tailored target audience which will maximise your attendance rates and ROI.

Don’t forget to think of a special hashtag for your event and use it on Twitter and Instagram. By using a special hashtag you’ll enable people to find your event easier and to quickly browse through all posts and tweets about it.

To successfully promote the event on LinkedIn, you’ll have to browse through many professional LinkedIn groups to find the one that fits your event’s theme. When you finally find the perfect group, make sure to write a short post with details about your event and a call-to-action sentence, to inspire the group members to join.

3. Use Your Coworking Space

Coworking Space — by Mike T Deane
Coworking Space — by Mike T Deane

You may think that you have to choose a special venue for your company event, but nothing can be further from the truth. Many companies organise various events in their office space.

Many coworking spaces, for instance, have special rooms and galleries designed for large meetings, company events and festivities. Also, many of them offer these spaces for free to those who oblige to make the event accessible to other members of the coworking community.

Additionally, the coworking office marketing team can help you promote your event more effectively. They can notify their newsletter subscribers or post the event details on their official social media pages and the coworking space notice board. If you work from a coworking office, this can be a great way to organise and market a killer company event without breaking the bank.

These few tips should be enough to make your first event marketing effort a success. Later on, you can experiment with online and offline banners, email marketing or even paid radio, newspaper and television ads. Keep in mind, however, that these types of advertising will require a much bigger budget, as a 30-seconds TV ad alone can cost up to $1500.