Things that annoy you on Indian Roads am I with my first blog and thought it best to start with something I do with ease, ramble! And Ramble I will in this blog, about the top 5 things that is the most irritating for a two-wheeler driver. Everyone speaks about two wheelers being a menace on Indian roads. May be because they have this unique ability to utilise the bare minimum spaces between vehicles. They can twist, turn and make odd angles along with gifting scratches to bumpers and bonnets. But, even a two wheeler has their own pain points

1. Constant Honking from that 4 wheeler behind : This is the most irritating of them all - the King of all the menaces. On every road, you have these 4 wheeler drivers who feel that they cannot at any cost turn their steering wheel to the left or right to overtake. Na, straight it is and on and on goes the Honk Honk..Do they understand the plight of the two wheeler who is unable to change directions immediately because a) they are not driven by James Bonds b) the lane adjacent is also not just free?. Patience is a hard found virtue on the roads

2. Mid-afternoon Summer Sun vs AC Cars : This may seem like holding a grudge but when one is sitting in an air conditioned cool comfort space, one can always give a little space for the poor he/she on the two-wheeler bearing the brunt of the Hot Sun. Let him/her find their cool space at the end of the journey, let them go 2 seconds ahead of you to get past the signal! Alas..this too is seldom seen

3. Uneven roads : Another menace is the uneven roads, and the tyres of a two wheeler skid while on such patches. These breaks and bumps come unannounced on the roads. It takes a driver quite by surprise. Its sometimes a dance move with the rider trying to attain balance similar to a low flying crow with both legs at 45 degree angle. Its a sometimes successful, sometimes not!

4. Autorickshaws, cycles and animals : Autorickshaws has the weird capability of taking a 180 degree turn anywhere anytime on the road. Indicators or hand signals are generally not the accepted norm. Any unfortunate person who is behind them should have telepathic sensors to understand what the auto driver may decide to do the next moment to avert a crash. Cyclists become a problem as some of them would stand frozen on the road - I mean the middle of the road - when they see a fast moving two wheeler coming on the road. Rest is left to your imaginations. Dogs and goats are cute - I love them, not so much when they decide to cross the road at their ease and right in front of the bike

5. Security guards : There are some guards near Grocery shops, banks and other places who stand and watch one parking the two wheeler. You put the vehicle on stand, take out your helmet, take your paraphernalia out of the storage box, take your sun glasses off, and start walking few steps..Lo and Behold, he saunters over and tells you to park it else where. No amount of staring or hate-filled venomous looks will help! You just have to park it else where!