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The FUNK is a brand new wingsuit from Squirrel designed for maximum fun when skydiving. It might look like something you’ve seen before, but it feels like nothing you’ve ever tried. The Funk’s agility is the result of its crisp internal pressure and advanced profile. Stable at any angle and effortless to fly on its back, the Funk is by far the most smile-inducing wingsuit we’ve ever tried.


The Funk is our all-around-acro-freestyle-flocking-fun-relaxed-sporty-skydive-wingsuit-thingy. Actually, we're pretty confident that you can tell what this thing is for just by looking at it. In a nutshell, it's our go-to suit for fun-flying in the skydive environment: the [Funk]( does it all. This is our answer to the many pilots who have been asking us for a suit that fits in the range between the [Swift]( and Colugo.

The Funk is by far the most smile-inducing wingsuit we’ve ever tried


The Funk has been in development since before the Swift launched, and during its evolution we gradually fine-tuned the internal pressure, profile thickness, and stance. We have arrived at a planform that yields a balanced and stable feel while back-flying; many of our test pilots have remarked that it is almost absurdly stable on its back. One of our tasks during development was finding a good balance between stability in belly / backfly positions, while maintaining ease of transition. We think that we have found an excellent compromise, and the Funk features an extra-long arm-wing zip which allows pilots to tailor the internal pressure to their style of flying.

Funk skydive

More arm cells

The Funk's planform necessitates a long and diagonally swept trailing edge on the arm wing, which presents a large opportunity for turbulation as the airflow disconnects here. For that reason, mini-ribs were deemed necessary in the arm wing, but in the end we decided to increase the total number of arm wing cells. This decreased drag at the trailing edge, of course, but also increased general efficiency of the arm wing. These extra ribs do not increase the wing's rigidity – instead, they create a sharper feel when initiating transitions and banking turns.


We're very excited to hear what you think of this new suit. We thoroughly enjoyed the development process and we hope you agree that the Funk is an awesome platform with great agility, range, and ease of use.

More info: Squirrel Funk

Ibex landing
Ibex canopy
Ibex side

The IBEX is an ultralight and low-bulk BASE canopy designed for wingsuit and tracking use. Created by engineers, tested on animals and used by madmen, the Ibex is the best all-around wingsuit Base canopy that we have ever flown.


Our mission for the Ibex was to create a versatile and reliable canopy for wingsuit Base, with progressive openings and great handling. The Ibex is the result of a wide collaboration between Squirrel engineers, team pilots, and partners with many decades of combined para-foil design, construction, and testing experience.


The Ibex has been tested in all of its natural environments and beyond, from Chamonix to Moab. We think the two bottom surface mini-vents, which are included standard, provide just the right amount of push during the opening sequence and make this a highly versatile canopy.


Two standard Mini-Vents encourage a faster and more progressive inflation without the tendency to 'slam' the pilot. In our opinion, too much venting can cause undue stress on the pilot and the canopy if used for high-speed wingsuit openings, and the Ibex's mini-vents provide what we have found to be the perfect extra push during the opening phase, without damaging the pilot. To tune your openings, choose the size and type of pilot chute and slider that works best for your gear configuration.

Ibex canopy

Wingsuit Base openings can be complex, and every jumper’s flying style, body weight, and wingsuit type contributes different variables - we will be happy to help you dial in the perfect settings for your gear and help you to find the ideal setup for consistently fast but comfortable openings.

For Wingsuit & Tracking

The Ibex is designed primarily for use in alpine environments by experienced wingsuit pilots and trackers. It is not intended for every-day normal Base use.

More info: Squirrel Ibex

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For clarity: the FUNK is a wingsuit that can be used in either a Skydiving or a Base environment, for intermediate to expert pilots. The IBEX is a canopy for Base. Both products are designed and manufactured by Squirrel.

Squirrel's Ibex canopy video, wonderfully narrated like a nature documentary

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