R4i dual core 2019, does it have timebomb and how to remove it?

The latest update 3DS firmware 11.9.0-42 is available. For all the 3DS flashcard players, they always ask which R4 3DS card to choose for a 3DS 11.9.0-42 version in 2019. But some r4 card has timebomb, R4i dual core 2019, does it have timebomb and how to remove it? Answers on the below

Timebomb on R4isdhc dual core 2019?

Yes, the R4I SDHC Dual core 2019 has the tiembomb, 2019 R4i SDHC Dual Core 3DS comes from the same team of R4i Gold Pro 3DS. It is a card that has combined with other technologies, like the R4 card, M3 and DS TWO. R4i SDHC Dual Core supports DS games with the RTS and Cheat function.

R4i SDHC Dual Core is quality because a high-density chip has been used to allow games to run faster and last longer. The R4 Dual Core card has a better appearance and better compatibility with Micro SD card. The structure of the plastic case is more precise.

And recent, R4i sdhc dual core 2019 new kernel V4.0b has been updated, although the card has time bomb, it still can work until 2024, We also know that some r4 card does not have time bomb, such as r4i gold plus, Ace3ds plus and Ace3ds X. these cards all you can find on 3DS-Flashcard.com.

How to remove time bombs on R4i dual core card in 2019?

There are two steps can remove time bombs on r4i dual core 2019, here is the abbreviated guide.

First, Simplest test is just to set your time far in the future (2030) and see if you get an error starting up.

Second, the fix is easy, install YsMenu as the main primary boot firmware menu. This card works fine with YsMenu as a primary firmware, but needs a modified R4.dat to boot.

Download this edited R4.dat file:


Download YsMenu 7.05:


Backup your card, delete any folders from the old menu (or put them in a subfolder to be safe).

Put the R4.dat in the root of the sd card. Extract the R4i-SDHC (dash is important)folders/files from the YSMenu download to the root of the sd card.

Stick your card back in the DS and you should boot right to the YsMenu.

Bonus link for themes (replace the files in the TTMenu folder):


If needed, main link to the YsMenu page:


All in all, just three steps:

  1. Prepare YSMenu to work on your card using one of the many tutorials already online
  2. Replace the R4.dat with YSMenu.nds (some people use YSMenu.dat instead of YSMenu.nds)
  3. Hexedit the R4.dat file (that is the renamed YSMenu!)

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