How to add Cheat Engine and cheats code to Nintendo Switch?

Team Xecuter released SX OS 2.1 and support cheat on Nintendo Switch 6.0.1, it’s a big new, So, How to add Cheat Engine and cheats code to Nintendo Switch?Which card can support cheat on Nintendo Switch? Following us, you can find the detailed information on the below.

Which card support cheat on Nintendo Switch 6.0.1?

SX Pro is the Nintendo Switch hacking tool kit for installing the SX OS CFW. It includes everything we need to Jailbreak the Nintendo Switch V6.0.1 and lower firmware consoles, a usb dongle, a joycon jig and a sx os license code. By getting it, you can easily setup SX OS on the Nintendo Switch with drag and drop way to play free Nintendo Switch games. To know more about the SX Pro, you can go to this article.

Team-Xecuter has been getting alot of 'hate' over their many SX OS 'releases', some of which were well 'not so perfect' as such, moving forward the team has decided to be like Microsoft to have two branches of SX OS, one a 'stable' release and another for those that love to play around with latest & greatest even if it means 'some issues and headaches' to deal with, so check out below their official announcement and you will notice right away that their 'BETA' branch of SX OS v2.1 contains a game 'cheat engine & finder' system, one of most requested feature.

Of course remember this is currently only in the 'BETA', for those that just want to enjoy their games without problems they also released a 'stable' v2.0.1 release, with thanks to all those that were kind of enough to report feedback from their earlier v2.0 release over the last couple of weeks. In addition, from the recent news, SX OS which supported by SX Pro is update to its latest version 2.1, though it's a beta SX OS, but from this SX OS version, SX Pro users can add Cheat codes to the Nintendo Switch consoles.

How to add Cheat Engine and cheats code to Nintendo Switch?

SX OS understands if the version of the cheat copied in the SD is different from the version of the game and asks if you want to try to use it the same, So on the below, we will tell you how to add Cheat Engine and cheats code to Nintendo Switch:

  1. Buy an SX Pro or SX OS to install CFW SX OS v2.1 on your Nintendo Switch, the installation guide can be find here.
  2. Enter into the Album to choose a game to play
  3. leave the game with the home button
  4. open the album (the SX operating system menu will open)
  5. go to the “Cheat Searcher” tab
  6. select the type of data to search for at this point, a game memory backup will be created on SD card, so use a microSD card fast and with sufficient capacity. (remember that the Switch has 2 GB of RAM)! This dump will be pretty slow!
  7. Now, if you know the exact value you can do with “Next Search” and search for it, the results will be in hexadecimal!
  8. Return now to the game, change the value, then return to SX OS and continue the search. when there are few items to choose from, the cheat engine will show you, if there are too many, you will have to continue to vary the value and look for it. If you do not know the exact value, you can also use approximate values such as “lower than previous search” or “higher than the previous search”.


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