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Children's books are the most valuable when they can be shared with an adult, either by reading at bedtime or by merely sharing a good story or a funny story. Or it may be that a lot of unsullied adult humor can fit into a traditional kids book, to enjoy with or without progress. It was in the mind of a critic of a children's book who wrote: What an unexpected comfort. I thought I was going to read a Kid's book - and that's certainly not the case. But this is a book that is very cleverly written for children. And another enthusiastic critic ended with: I'm still not sure this book is for children or adults. Maybe both. It was a delightful read with lots of laughter when the author weaves a story and a fantasy of the story.

by Mark Linda
by Mark Linda

So here's the secret of keeping mom or dad involved in bedtime reading long after the first sleeper has reached the basic reading ability. A shared joke is a multiplied joke, and it is always helpful to have someone explain the long and unknown word or one of the many Latin or English expressions in the English language. About adult jokes, these can be disguised, one by one, as an interest in contemporary life, news, and current affairs. Widened in the minds of teenagers. And who should say that it is not a painless education?

The fastest progress in education is motivated by curiosity. Youth is much more likely to remember the answer to his question than facts provided during a formal lesson. Reading with a parent or dear relative is an outstanding opportunity to ask questions, without fear of being ridiculed in a classroom filled with rivals, and any sort of trigger questions can be helpful in energizing this process. Few things spark more curiosity than someone who laughs at a joke that has been missed, yet the fear of embarrassment inhibits an issue in every context except the most intimate. Of course, an explicated joke is not always fun and sometimes falls flat, distracting the listener, but the answer given can still illuminate the questioning mind.

There is no doubt that a children's book can be written to be enjoyed on two levels. As one critic wrote, I waited to post this review as I gave the book to my thirteen-year-old niece and wanted to see what she was thinking. Well, she loved him as much as me! So funny and exciting, as an adult, I loved sneaky humor, Holly just laughed all over the book! Every reader takes what he wants from reading, and an adult or child can enjoy such a book, separately or together. Sometimes parents need a book to keep a child busy, like a critic who wrote, My daughter, read this book, and she had a hard time asking it thanks to God for the March break! The girl in question, who was labeled as not much of the reader, could have benefited even more from an accompanied reading and the interest of the examiner suggests that all the texts were not isolated.