10 easy ways to ensure your pet’s health today

When it comes to taking care of pets, many owners put off their treatment for later because they hope that the problems will go away in time. There are some problems which may not go away in time, but only grow worse.

Dental problems in pets are a common issue, which is why you should take them to Pet Dental Care centers in Burnaby regularly. Let us now see some tips to help you keep your pet’s teeth healthy.

1) Starting taking care of your pet’s dental hygiene early: Most dogs, around 80% of them, start showing dental problems by the time they are 3 years old. Early care prevents the build-up of tartar which if left untreated can lead to serious dental problems later.

2) Brush your pet’s teeth everyday: Like humans, the teeth of your pet’s need to be cleaned every day. However, use only brush and toothpaste made especially for pet. Don’t give your toothpaste and certainly don’t use your toothbrush to clean their mouth. Since these are not made for them, human toothpaste may do more harm than good over time.

3) Take a visit to the vet: When you have a pet, you should regularly visit the vet. Rhymes, does it not? Anyways, going to the vets at least twice a year is important because they can teach you how to properly take care of the pet.

4) Pay more attention to your pet: Generally, the first symptom that something is wrong in your pet can be detected from the teeth. If it’s bad breath or bleeding gums, you may need to check with a vet just to be sure. To see that something is wrong with the gums or in the mouth, just lift the pet’s lips and look for tartar on its teeth.

5) Buy your pet more toys: When your pet chews toys, it makes its teeth and gums stronger each time. It is not really a good idea to give it bones to chew and play with. Broken or chipped bone pieces can easily cause problem in its intestines. Nylon balls are a bad idea as well because they erode the crowns. Instead of nylon balls, use a rubber ball.

6) Invest in a professional pet cleaning service: Yes, nowadays there are professionals for almost everything! You’ve probably never heard of a professional pet cleaner, right? Don’t worry, it is just you regular Vet at Pet Dental Care centers in Burnaby. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable in cleaning the pet’s body and ensuring its good dental hygiene. As a result of this, tartar is easily and effectively removed.

7) Give your pet the right food: Try not to give canned food. Instead, give dry food. You may also give food that is chewy which helps them to develop strong gums and teeth while getting rid of tartar.

8) Don’t give candy: It is essential not to give your pet or pets candy. Try to avoid anything which is sweet and not healthy. This means that sorbitol and chocolate are out. Candy is toxic to pets.

While there are so many things you can do to make sure that your pet lives a long and happy life, try to make sure that you take him or her to the Vet at Pet Clinics in Burnaby twice a year.