Frameless Glass Balustrades – What Are The Benefits?

by Marie Safel
by Marie Safel

From your staircase to an upstairs balcony, frameless glass balustrades are an incredibly modern choice that appeal to many homeowners. They have the ability to add beauty and sophistication to any building – residential or commercial – as well as many other tangible benefits. In this article, we have covered some of the key benefits that you can expect to receive after installing these balustrades in your home:

Added Safety
Did you know that these balustrades, with their frameless yet solid structure, are far safer than conventional railings? There aren’t any balusters with gaps, so there’s no fear that a child or pet will try to fit themselves through it. They’re also made from thick tempered glass, which requires extreme pressure to break.

Although glass has been stereotyped as being a delicate material, it can actually be incredibly durable – more so if it has undergone a special heat manufacturing process. Timber, for example, is a less-than-desirable material because it is prone to rotting and/or pest infestations after only a few years. Glass ages quite slowly.

Easy to Clean
Unlike more traditional railings, glass balustrades are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Simply using a squeegee and a good glass cleaner, you will be able to wipe down the whole surface in minutes. The occasional hard water build up can be removed with a spritz of lemon oil. Polishing the surface can also remove slight scratches.

Eco Friendly
Did you know that traditional metal railings can emit hazardous substances when corrosion occurs? This can be dangerous to your health! Glass, on the other hand, doesn’t have this problem. It is also recyclable should you decide you no longer need the balustrade. If you want to use eco friendly materials in your home, this is it!

Illusion of Space
A frameless glass balustrade can actually make a space seem larger than it actually is. Similar to mirrors, they can have the illusion of having more space – which is something that other railing options cannot achieve. This is incredibly beneficial for small balconies, landings and even rooms where a staircase might seem imposing.

Unobstructed Views
One of the main reasons for the popularity of these balustrades is that they provide your home with better views of the space beyond your staircase or balcony. A traditional railing will block a lot of the view. Plenty of natural light is also permitted to pass through the glass, which helps to keep your home bright and airy.

Versatile Design
Glass provides maximum design versatility, as it can be easily combined with other materials. Whether you’ve opted for a more traditional timber staircase or something a little more modern in steel, the balustrade will be the perfect complement. The panes are also available in a variety of colours and textures for your convenience.

Wind Barrier
Wind, particularly in high-rise buildings, can be unpleasant at the best of times. Another benefit of these balustrades is that they can provide a much-needed barrier against strong winds when used externally. Traditional railings simply cannot compete – the gaps between balusters allow the wind to blow on through.

If you are on the fence regarding frameless glass balustrades, we hope that the above list of benefits has convinced you to give them a go. As we have previously mentioned, they can be used on both staircases and balconies with ease. They can even be used both internally and externally without issue. All of this comes together to show that these balustrades could be the perfect choice for homes and projects of all shapes and sizes.

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