Booking that (less expensive) last minute trip to the Mid West!

I'll admit it, I'm a shameless travel addict. I love to get out of town and take a little breather from the every day hustle. I'll also admit, I hate spending money on the initial traveling aspect… flying. I'm not a fancy gal, so for me, I just need enough room for my legs and a nice little spot to lay my head. If I'm lucky, I snag a window seat, but its not essential…and if you're really lucky, you can finagle a coveted Emergency Exit Row seat. At one point last year, I was traveling back and forth to Minnesota about once a week to visit my boyfriend, Patrick, as he was playing MLS Soccer for Minnesota United. We share a home during the off-season with our pets, Opie and Jax and we've made it work to have the two places during most of the year. During these last two years with Patrick gone, I've made hundreds of trips to the mid-west through various airlines, but mostly, with none other than everyones trusty favorite, Spirit Airlines. I hate to say it with their scheduling track record, but Spirit gives great deals on last minute flights (barring the holidays). Not knocking the other airlines here, (I love you, Delta), but the last min deals are too good.

Tips for finding the cheapest flights:

-Sign up for Spirit Airlines emails- they often have daily/weekly deals that take off as much as 90% from the trip cost! The real issue is last minute cancellation… they give you a small credit if its 7 days or less until the flight time.

-Signing up for their newsletter also entails signing up for their rewards program.. and with frequent flights, these miles come in very handy.

  • When all else fails, Priceline has amazing deals with other airlines, and if you find it cheaper on another site, they'll reimburse you for the difference! So, I often visit Priceline, check out which flights have the best deals…and then go over to the airlines official website where there is no extra fee.. sneaky sneaky, Priceline.

The caveat: most of the last minute deals don't have a money back guarantee.

  • Expert tip: fly with one large backpack and jam as much as you possibly can into it.. unless youd like that hefty $29 initial fee ($40 after you book/ $50 at the airport check-in desk/ $100 at the gate).

These are just personal tips that have happened to work for me throughout these last couple of years flying to the Midwest and back to Los Angeles. I have not been endorsed by Spirit Airlines (however, at this point, frankly, I probably should be)… this is simply my usual go-to process! Worst case scenario, you can always drive…..