Most Popular Entertainment Mobile Apps to Try in 2019

Over the course of the past couple of years, the number of various mobile apps virtually skyrocketed. Nowadays, you can find a mobile app for basically anything you might be looking for, which is great. Our mobile devices have slowly but surely replaced all other means of entertainment – which is really not surprising if you consider just how convenient they truly are. And with new mobile apps popping on the market seemingly every day, you can now really just take your pick.

Here, we’ve prepared a list of some of the best and most popular entertainment apps you should definitely check out in 2019.


If you’re a person who gets bored easily, RedPapers app is the perfect choice for you. What this fun little app does is automatically change your phone’s wallpaper from any subreddit that you want, as often as you want. So, once you download and install the app, you should choose your field of interest, e.g. images of nature, animals, artistic designs, etc. and enjoy a new wallpaper every time you turn on your phone.


If you’re an avid Instagrammer who’s always on the lookout for new image and Instagram toolkits – this is the app for you. What this app enables you to do is make grid compositions, post full-sized photos, repost photos from your favorite ‘Grammers and so much more. It’s also very user-friendly, so you won’t have much trouble figuring it out and the best thing is that it’s completely free to download and use! What more could you ask for when it comes to upping your Insta game?


Now, for those who like spending time online enjoying their favorite casino games, AskGamblers created the nifty AskGamblers App that allows you to stay up-to-date with all the latest casino-related news and updates via live notifications. Additionally, it presents you with all the information you are looking for in a smart and clear-cut way, which makes it extremely user-friendly as well.


Surely, all of you have already heard of YouTube and you might find that it’s not necessary to mention it in this article. However, YouTube has over one billion active users, which definitely makes it one of the most popular mobile apps when entertainment is concerned. Of course, it’s completely free to use and it’s so rich with content, you won’t get tired of it anytime soon.

Google News

This also might sound like old news, but Google News is one of the best apps known for delivering the latest news updates by using A.I. technology. This app offers you a “for you” tab where you can personalize the type of news you want to be presented with and it also allows you to subscribe to different news sources and magazines.

Hulu and Netflix

These two apps, although very similar, are both extremely popular. While Hulu offers various subscription packages, including unlocking the entire streaming library for $8 a month and removing midstream ads for $12 a month, Netflix offers a huge selection of movies and TV shows for just $9 a month. However, keep in mind that the same content won’t be available for everyone worldwide.


Again, similar to the previous two, HBO definitely has its own audience, and it’s not a small one. With variations such as HBO Now (stand-alone service available for $15 a month) and HBO Go (available to HBO cable subscribers), this app allows you to watch all the HBO’s streaming content right from your mobile device.


Spotify is another great app that allows you to stream any music from any type of device. With it, you can also follow your favorite artists, make your custom playlists and even sync tracks you can later listen offline.


Soundcloud is another great music app that allows you to enjoy some good vibes without ads and monthly subscription fees. With this app, you can stream music and explore new artists from the cloud, but keep in mind that this app is not a replacement for Spotify. Even though they are both music apps, they offer different things under different conditions.

And there you have it. If you’re looking for new ways to entertain yourself in 2019, check out these apps and see just how fun they really are. With so many apps currently on the market, you’re definitely bound to find something you will thoroughly enjoy.