Salesforce And Its Future

Salesforce is a standout amongst the most profoundly esteemed American cloud computing organizations in the world, and it has a market cap of $50 billion. With the huge achievement of the organization, it's essential to investigate the fate of Salesforce.

Trends and strategy of Salesforce

Salesforce has changed the manner in which a business treats and keeps up its client base. Fifty-four percent of the associations that utilization Salesforce believes that they can convey the more customized experience to their customers and clients. Over 70% of the associations additionally revealed that Salesforce makes it conceivable to address client needs more adequately.

In a short span of time, the company has achieved tremendous growth but it doesn't mean that the company will keep on growing at the same pace in the future. The organization realizes that it should actualize new items and features to continue with its prosperity.

The organization lately stated that it will add data science capabilities to its Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. The Service Cloud gives clients a chance to automate customer service tasks; the Marketing Cloud gives advertisers a chance to use data for predictive and target marketing. 71% of organizations put resources into business intelligence and big data, and of those, 20% have announced making significant investments.

Salesforce has released new products and features that will enable it to keep up its direction. The organization released its new Lightning CRM in 2015. Through Salesforce Lightning, the organization plans to expand the sales representative’s productivity and provide organizations with analytics and intelligence. The organization states that Salesforce Lightning is the eventual fate of CRM software and that it generates new levels of effectiveness when contrasted with its core CRM item.

Salesforce Lightning gives a sales representative a customizable dashboard and an activity board that gives a complete picture of all the deals. It additionally includes logical drifts that enable a salesman to perceive what's new with a client without expecting to explore various pages, and an activity feed can show what simply occurred in an account and interpret what to do straight away.


The expansion of capacities, for example, data science services will help continue existing clients cheerful later on. The rollout of Salesforce Lightning will enable the organization to procure new clients who weren't at first intrigued by the Salesforce’s products and features.