WWE: What’s Next for the Big Red Mayor

Kane has gone through countless changes throughout his WWE career. At some point he was a dentist, then a mentally disturbed pyromaniac, and most recently a corporate executive. Now, he’s Glenn Jacobs, mayor of Knox County.

Glenn Jacobs’ victory speech after winning race for Knox County Mayor. — by Knoxville News Sentinel
Glenn Jacobs’ victory speech after winning race for Knox County Mayor. — by Knoxville News Sentinel

Retrospective of Kane’s career

As mentioned beforehand, the legend’s career began as that of a dentist. But just any dentist, but Dr. Isaac Yankem DDS. The run was short-lived yet memorable due to its own ridiculousness. Later on, Jacobs had to be repackaged as Diesel (aka “Fake Diesel”). The change received instant backlash, so the character slowly faded away.

In April 1997, Jacobs’ new character was unveiled. The former dentist was now Kane, the younger brother of the Undertaker. With brand new gear and now an iconic mask, the WWF fans were introduced to a monster never before seen. This change catapulted Kane into immediate success. Only 2nd to Taker, Kane was the most feared superstar in the Attitude Era. The biggest highlight of Kane’s career was winning the WWF Championship in his first PPV main event at King of the Ring (1998). Despite his reign being short, Kane remained a prominent factor in the Attitude Era’s success.

Things went south for some time, during the Ruthless Aggression era. The Big Red Machine still played a huge role during this time. Superstars like the Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin left, Undertaker became a biker, Brock Lesnar burst into the scene, and Triple H dominated the main event.

In 2002, as part of his feud against then champion Triple H, Kane was accused of murdering his girlfriend (Katie Vick) and having sex with the corpse. The whole angle was universally panned. A year later, during his feud with Shane McMahon, Kane thought it was good idea to electrocute Shane’s testicles, which he did. Let that sink in. Hands down, the worst moment of his career has to be when he feuded with Matt Hardy and Lita. Since the girlfriend angle worked last time, WWE revisited it again, this time with Lita. Apparently, Kane impregnated Lita. Things escalated to unwanted heights as the debuting Gene Snitsky hit Kane with a steel chair, thus Kane fell on Lita and caused a miscarriage. That easily had to be the worst moments in the legend’s career. This is not to say that it was all bad.

Simply by disregarding basis of these feuds, the matches themselves weren’t bad in their own right. Shane McMahon, Rey Mysterio, and Undertaker brought out the best in Kane in their respective matches. Easily, the most memorable bout was the No Holds Barred match against the Deadman in 2010. Over a decade of duty and Kane finally got the big win over his older brother with championship gold on the line. On the road towards the final years of Kane’s career, he had a very entertaining run with Daniel Bryan as tag team partners. Bryan and Kane soon became known as Team Hell No and enjoyed a lengthy run as tag team champions.

After the split of Team Hell No, Kane joined The Authority and completely abandoned everything hell-related in favor of a corporate entity. This change was symbolic, as his in-ring run started to slow down. Come 2017, his job has been to put over younger talent to the best of his ability. Sure, he has gotten a few wins here and there, but for the benefit of the youth, he takes the loss.

Mayor Kane

No longer Kane, Glenn Jacobs will clearly focus on his political career over what lies inside a WWE ring. It makes perfect sense as this is a new chapter in Jacobs’ life. Realistically speaking, don’t expect a return in the near future. If you heard his post-victory speech, Jacobs wants what is best for Knox County and that can only happen when he is there. Regardless of your political views, it’s quite respectable to see a pro-wrestler be familiar with what is going on in terms of politics, not just the fact that Donald Trump is president. His intentions are clear and his path towards retirement has been set. Jacobs’ return to the ring will depend on his run as Mayor. That return will surely be his last before reaching the WWE Hall of Fame.