WWE SummerSlam: Reigns Conquers the Beast

For over 500 days, Brock Lesnar was your WWE Universal Champion. During that time, Lesnar wrestled a handful of matches and nothing more.

Reigns has finally won the WWE Universal Championship. — by @WWE
Reigns has finally won the WWE Universal Championship. — by @WWE

A new Reign begins

The WWE Universe has been waiting for this moment ever since Brock Lesnar defeated Goldberg at last year’s Wrestlemania. Many expected Lesnar to have a stellar run as WWE Universal Champion. Instead, the champion was absent for most of the time, so fans shortly started to yearn for a new champion.

Despite not being the most beloved WWE Superstar, seeing Reigns as the new champion is a breath of fresh air for WWE. It’s no secret that the championship was merely a secondary thought every week due to the champion’s absence. From on, we can trust Reigns to be a great champion in his own right; starting with a good weekly attendance and emphasizing the importance of being World Champion. You can trust him to make the early years of the championship worth remembering. This is the opportunity for the company to take a different approach with Reigns, instead of having him chase the championship every time Lesnar made an appearance. Essentially, that has always been his story, ever since the Shield broke up, chase a championship and fail.

Now it seems likely that Lesnar is leaving soon. Perhaps, there will be a rematch. Sure, the fan support might not be there, but there’s a x-factor to consider and we saw him earlier today. Let’s assume that there’s a rematch which Reigns wins, that will be the perfect opportunity to have Braun Strowman cash-in and win the gold. From there, a proper feud on Raw will take place with the focal point being the belt.

This is not a matter of “pushing Reigns’ down people’s throats, rather it’s progress that is being made. There’s a lot of potential for the Universal Championship now that strap has been taken from Lesnar.