WWE: Everything Wrong with Wrestlemania 34

After months of hype, Wrestlemania 34 is now in the past. The event was relatively good and far from last year’s disappointment. With that said, let’s go through everything wrong with this Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania was stacked with potential and it partially delivered. — by WWE
Wrestlemania was stacked with potential and it partially delivered. — by WWE

Strowman wins Tag Team championship with…a kid

There was so much speculation as to who was going to be Braun Strowman’s Wrestlemania tag-team partner. Even the likes of Rey Mysterio was part of the rumors. In the end, Strowman picked a 10 year old boy. Under the ring name of Nicholas, he and Strowman disposed of the Bar within minutes.

For many people, especially casuals, the moment might seem adorable. In reality, Sheamus and Cesaro were thrown under the bus for a weird booking decision. Of course the contenders were going to win. What WWE did was leave us with a confusing cliff hanger.

The streak is broken

As a sports fan, you’re most excited when your favorite team or athlete goes on an undefeated streak. Seeing a streak come to an unprecedented end is not only a shocker but also a buzzkill. Asuka built a three-year long undefeated streak. Her momentum was further boosted after winning the first Women’s Royal Rumble. That historic moment should have been complimented with the Rumble winner walking out of Mania as champion.

The argument here is that Asuka has lost that momentum and she’s not going to recover. Well, it hurts to see someone with a huge following lose her Wrestlemania debut. The truth is that we have wait and see what might happen next before coming to a conclusion.

Beachball Mania is running wild

In typical WWE Universe fashion, the fans are never satisfied, and they make it clear with the “boring” and “CM Punk” chants. To some extent, one has to agree, as some decisions are in poor taste and questionable. Last night’s results did not warrant a hostile reaction.

In short, the fans are like the person that willingly goes to a restaurant, sees all of the best options, yet he isn’t happy. So in retaliation, he makes a scene to make sure everyone knows. In comes the infamous WWE beachball. As a sign of showing disapproval, the beachball is thrown around. It takes away from the other fan that is genuinely enjoying the show; even more for those in the ring that are also putting up a show for millions around the world, not just the live crowd.

Brock Lesnar vs. Reigns just happened

Before you break the screen in frustration and cancel your network subscription again, the WWE Universe has made it clear, they’re fed up with Lesnar as a part-time champion and Roman Reigns for being Roman Reigns. To be fair, this match was far better than the Roman’s main events with Triple H and Undertaker.

Without taking into account the feelings towards the competitors, it really wasn’t a bad match. Five years ago, this would’ve been a match to have fans at the edge of their seats.

What was really noticeable were the lack of emotion from either man. This isn’t to say that both men were suppose to be shedding tears in respect to each other. This was like the typical PPV match with Lesnar reigning supreme. That was a huge surprise, given that the speculation is Lesnar is going to leave soon.

By the end of the night, feuds didn’t come to an end, WWE left us with a lot of cliff hangers. Raw and Smackdown are must-see shows for the next couple of weeks.