FIFA World Cup: Germany, What Happened?

Fans were in despair as it seemed like the champions bowing out early.  — by @DFB_Team_EN
Fans were in despair as it seemed like the champions bowing out early.  — by @DFB_Team_EN

2014 Germany

Four years ago, Germany reached the final and topped Argentina to become four-time World Cup champions. From the beginning to the end, Germany was a destructive force. No one felt that more other than Portugal and Brazil.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s team was torn to shreds from beginning to end. Thomas Muller scored a hat-trick and Mats Hummels scored one. Die Mannschaft’s most memorable match was the 7-1 beating of host Brazil. Apart from Muller; Toni Kroos, Sami Khedira, Andre Schurrle, and Miroslav Klose each found the back of the net, with the last breaking the ‘Phenomenon’ Ronaldo’s goal scoring record.

In the final, the “World’s Best Player” Lionel Messi was unable to handle the world’s best team. Mario Gotze’s goal at the 113th minute secured the win for the the golden generation of German soccer. More was anticipated as we approached the 2018 World Cup.

2018 Germany

Four years have passed and Die Mannschaft was set to defend their championship; starting in the “Group of Death”. In the group are Mexico, Sweden, and South Korea. History favored the Germans in their match against Mexico; especially after trashing them in the Confederations Cup. To our surprise, El Tri held their own for 35 minutes, before Hirving Lozano scored. Germany failed miserably to equalize, so they took the loss.

Up next was the Sweden. A tough match was expected, but not the extent in which the champions were being pressed against the wall. Sweden’s Nils Toivonen nailed the first goal of the match. Everything was at a deadlock, until Marco Reus scored to give his team hope. In the 95th minute, jaws dropped as Toni Kroos scored an amazing goal via free kick. Hope is still alive with that las second goal.

Germany avoid elimination thanks Toni Kroos’ goal. — by @DFB_Team
Germany avoid elimination thanks Toni Kroos’ goal. — by @DFB_Team

Now, it’s great and all that Germany is still in the tournament, still we can’t ignore that this squad is nothing like its predecessors. First off, the team is missing its veterans that took them to championship gold, one of them being Miroslav Klose. Without the guidance of Klose and other vets, who is going to lead the team? Only Muller, Neuer, and Kroos have experience in World Cups. The rest of the roster is made up of youth that seem hungry for gold yet nervous at the same time.

Realistically speaking, the result against Mexico and Sweden should have been 2-0 victories at the least. At this pace, we’re looking at an early German exit. For shame.