It's Complicated

by Alex Wise
by Alex Wise

Been watching the North Korea, South Korea thing these last couple of month. I know politics is slightly below sanitation engineering in terms of general interest, but I kept on thinking I have seen it all before and it is far too annoyingly familiar, like one of those words that hover forever just on the tip of your tongue. It was totally baffling, as my attention to news and current events, apart from some sharply defined interests, is negligible. Just like most people, really. Now, thanks to some sweet synchronicity from TCM, I found why it all seems so deja vu.

“Oliver and Barbara begin spiting and humiliating each other in every way possible, even in front of friends and potential business clients. Both begin destroying the house furnishings. Oliver “accidentally” runs Barbara's cat over in the driveway. When she finds out about this, she nails the sauna door (where Oliver had been relaxing) shut until he nearly succumbs to heatstroke” - Wikipedia plot outline.

Does that sound like it fits the news of the last couple of weeks? It is the War of the Roses in real life. Two bitter divorcees, still in the same house and wrecking each others lives just as hard as they damned well can.

From the sheer amount of psychotic breakage they do, especially throwing things like tantrums, hissy fits and missiles, I figure North Korea is Kathleen Turner in this case. She was as hot as a bootleg nuclear reactor in the 80s. South Korea is, of course, Michael Douglas, though their lawyers might not be terribly pleased with that. Putting up with the tantrums, attempting bribes and blackmail, but ultimately getting nowhere and resorting to the same tactics. The rest of the world seems to fit Danny DeVito's character perfectly. Well meaning, giving good advice, but ultimately ineffectual.

Of course, The War of the Roses turned out rather badly for both Oliver and Barbara. They didn't have my blog to turn to. I hope that the real life version turns out better.