Another 22 Signs That A Guy Likes You

by Alex Wise
by Alex Wise

A couple days ago I did a blog post on signs that a guy likes you, and it is one of my most popular post to date. Many of the comments on both the original and the repost are from readers asking about other things guys do around them and whether or not those behaviors are signs of interest, too. I can't answer all those inquiries, of course, so instead I'm giving you another list of potential signs that a guy is into you.

Please note that I say potential. There's no guarantee, obviously. These are signs, not hard proof. In the end, you just have to trust your gut.

The first list was from my head, but for this new batch, I tapped the power of the beliefnet and the minds of several other sites. See links at the end of the post if you want to read more.


He gets close to you. Personal space invasion is a sign of major interest.

He grooms himself while talking to you: adjusts his clothing, fixes his hair, etc., like a male bird preening his feathers for a display.

He does what he says he will do. "If I said I'd call her at 8, I call her at 8, not 8:15," says one guy in Glamour's article.

He blushes when he talks to you.

He often ends text messages with questions to keep the conversation going.

He tries to win over your friends. He knows their opinions matter to you.

He teases you in a fun, friendly way.

He talks about future dates during the first one.

He notices if you change your hair or makeup or wear a new outfit.

He mentions you on Facebook or other places online.

He imitates you. Mirroring someone's actions is a subconscious sign of attraction.

He takes his time making a move on you. A guy interviewed by Glamour says, "This might seem counterintuitive, but if I like a girl, I won't try to make any moves too quickly. If I'm just looking for a hookup, then I won't really hesitate to try to get to the point."

He doesn't want to end the date, and will suggest getting coffee or a drink at the end of the night to extend his time with you.

He prefers to be alone with you instead of in a group setting.

He is nervous when he's around you. One guy explains, "There always seems to be a bit more pressure on me when I'm talking to a woman I really like. The room gets warm, I don't feel as humorous as I usually am, and I keep hearing in my head: 'Don't screw this up.'"

He has a habit of showing up at places you go.

He develops a sudden interest in things that you like and do. He's looking for more common ground with you, so he will get into a particular hobby or TV show or band you like.

He sneaks the word "we" into your conversation. He's trying in his own subtle way to see if he can put the two of you together without anyone noticing.

He brings you into his own inner circle: introduces you to his friends, takes you to his favorite hangouts, has you at his place more often, things like that.

He asks you to join him for random little non-date activities, like running errands or watching a game or going to the park. He wants to be around you whether it's a planned date or just hanging out.

He texts you after a date to say had a good time.

He steps out of his comfort zone to be with you. He will try new places and things he wouldn't ordinarily do on his own, like go to the Renaissance Fair or eat lutefisk.