Becoming a Reason for Smile

This world is not a bed of roses. It’s rocky road with many hurdles and full of ups and downs; this is a common thing for human beings that we the effect of happiness vanishes quickly, but the pain of bad memories always stay right there in our hearts for a very long time.

Everybody deserves to live a happy life but this task sometimes seems to be impossible when we are burdened with the rocks life throws at us. Making ourselves happy and stress-free isn’t an easy job when the sun doesn’t shine on us. We always want someone to be there for us to make us feel comfortable, to make us love ourselves, to make the life worthy again.

Since we want others to bring joy in our life when we face hurdles, we should feel the same and try to become the reason for the smile on other’s faces. Though it sounds challenging to bring the smile for other people, but if you are on the right track, you will come to know that it is not at all challenging.

Run a Fundraiser

You can run a fundraiser for the people that you know are dealing with some financial crisis. You can collect the money and offer them in such a way that they will feel it’s a miracle that had happened to them.

You can help them in such a way that they won’t feel as if anyone is showing pity to them, they could still feel their dignity, and finally, in the end, you will be able to become a reason for their smile.

You can also join the fundraiser groups and committees for the volunteer work to bring happiness in others life. There is massive amount of charities working around the world to help people in need such as Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Good 360, Young Life, Population Services International and hundreds of other fundraisers you can join to bring smile on someone’s face.

Leave Flowers on Front Porch

When you are aware of the sadness of your friends, neighbors or any loved ones, you can make little efforts to show them that they are important and their smile is important. You can leave a bunch of pretty flowers on their porch now and then, and leave a note there as well with some beautiful quotes written on it; this will surely make them feel good and manage to bring smile on their face.

Become Caregiver

There are number of activities that you can do voluntarily that could be a really great step for bringing peace into someone’s life, like caregiving services. There are many organizations that provide the caregiving services and help you to get trained for them. Since caregiving service is not an easy task so you have to take help from the experienced people like; Susanne White or Pamela D. Wilson. These people are a really great in providing assistance to guide you to become a responsible caregiver.

You can also take help from the books written by Pamela D. Wilson, as she is really an achieving advocate and her experiences and ways to help caregivers will help you to become a good caregiver, so that you can help and bring smile to the ones in need of sincere care.

Anonymous Note of Appreciation

There are days when we all feel that we are not worthy of anything because we do not get appreciated for our efforts. It is typical human nature that when we don’t feel recognized for our efforts, we feel unworthy and that our efforts are compromised. When you know someone who is dealing with this issue, you can anonymously leave a note of appreciation now and then. You can either leave it on their work desk or maybe on the windshield of their car. Make sure you remember to change the handwritings and words for different notes so that they feel that they are being appreciated by different people and not that only one person in the world care enough about them to acknowledge their struggles. When they will start realizing that there are people out there who think that their efforts are not worthless, they will start to feel better and you will be the reason behind their joy.

Lend an Ear

There are many people out there who are living in a world of isolation. They don’t have friend or family or anyone to share their problems and feelings with. Giving them your time and lending them an ear might sound like a very small deed, but it will surely bring significant impacts on someone else’s life. Just take out some time and listen to their problems and stories, lift the burden off their chest, make them think that they are not alone, tell them they are cared for.

You can also try helping them if possible, and if you think that you will be able to manage to bring change for them or to solve their problems to some extent, just follow your instincts and go for it. When they are through this, you can bring a small curve of a smile on their face and the moment would be priceless because it will make you happy too.