5 Tips to ROCK Your Plus-Sized Figure

by Lauren Tharp
by Lauren Tharp

I’m fat.

No, no. Don’t tell me that it’s “okay” or that I should think more positively about myself or any of that jazz. I am FAT. I’m 5’3” tall and weigh nearly 300lbs. That, my lovelies, is obesity right there. And it’s not healthy.

Although I’m working to get myself in better shape (I don’t want to die young and leave my cat all alone!), where does that leave me NOW? And where does that leave YOU, my plus-sized friend?

It leaves us with a choice, that’s what!

Do we want to be fat and frumpy, or LARGE AND IN CHARGE?!

“Fat” is temporary, if you want it to be. You can change your body size at any time (I’ve already lost over 70lbs thanks to portion control and light exercise!); however, it does take time to make those changes. In the meantime, we MUST look good in the bodies we’re in. Yes, even if our bodies are bigger than other women’s.

I know. I know. Looking good when you’re a “thicc” cutie is TOUGH! Believe me. I know. I, too, have whined aloud about how the skinny gals get all the GOOD clothes. Finding clothes in our size is hard enough – but finding clothes in our size that don’t make us look like we’re wearing a potato sack? That’s a challenge!

But it’s a challenge you can absolutely overcome, with a few tips from a fellow Chubby Cutie! (I’m referring to myself there, by the way – I may be obese to the point that my doctor yells at me on a regular basis, but, darn it, I look goooood).

Tip #1: Be Aware of Fabrics

Thin fabric isn’t going to do you any favors. It clings to your skin and shows off all your most unflattering bulges. Plus, if you go in direct sunlight, there’s a good chance you’ll be flashing your panties/pantylines to the general public. Whoopsie!

Instead, look for STURDY materials. You’re thick, and your fabric should be too!

Thicker fabrics cling to our bodies in a different way. Instead of highlighting our love handles, they work to press them into our bodies (at least a little bit), concealing rather than revealing.

When your fabrics are sturdier, you can use the cut/design of the garments you select to choose which of your “bulges” you’d like to highlight or diminish. For example, I have a killer rack and an awesomely big booty; but I’d rather not have people zero in on my belly fat or flabby upper arms.

Tip #2: Wear Whatever Color You Want

White won’t make a fat girl look fatter, and black won’t make her look thinner. Those “rules” are silly and should be ignored.

It’s all about the cut, NOT the color.

A well-tailored white dress can actually be MORE flattering to your figure than a black garment that fits you like a sausage casing. Trust me on this one: I’m speaking from personal experience!

As for colors? Go for it. I mean it.

ALL the universe’s colors are on the table for you! REJOICE!

Though, just as a matter of personal preference, I do suggest you stay away from the color of your own skintone. No need to make people on the street do a double-take by making them think you’re out and about in the buff!

However, bright, bold, colors can be very flattering on larger figures, depending on the cut.

Slimming monochrome looks can get boring quickly though (for you, and the people looking at you). Try messing around with looks that add a POP of color.

Tip #3: Patterns Don’t Make You Look Bigger

When you’re fat, you’re fat. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a pattern or not.

That said, smaller patterns can get “lost” when we try to wear them.

We are BIG women, and our patterns should be BIG too!

That doesn’t mean that the patterns have to be BOLD (though, they can be, if you dig them!). Blended patterns – like a soft watercolor print – can be extremely forgiving and make you look ultra womanly.

Be careful with stripes though. Those buggers are tricky and can make even THIN women look funky! Look for striped patterns that are asymmetrical or angle inward, if you want to make them work for your body. Pro tip: light stripes on dark backgrounds work better than dark stripes on light backgrounds. Just trust me on this. (Not to mention thinner stripes tend to make us look less “chunky” than thicker ones – that’s my one exception to my “big patterns” rule!).

Tip #4: Baggy Isn’t Doing You Any Favors

Baggy clothes make comfy jammies, but when you’re out and about in the real world, you should stay clear of them.

The only thing baggy clothes are good for is making you look even BIGGER than you already are. Plus none of us want to get the “When are you due?” question posed to us when we’re NOT pregnant!

Instead, opt for stretchy – but not clingy – styles. CowCow is one of my personal favorite brands for this (the fabric is SO forgiving, and the patterns are an absolute joy to behold!).

If you absolutely MUST wear billowing fabric (and even I have a dark blue flowing top I can’t live without), then team it with something fitted.

Going “baggy” from head-to-toe doesn’t look good on ANYONE (yes, not even your friend Cindy who brags about her size 0 dresses).

Tip #5: Admit Your Size and Embrace Your Styles

Empire waistlines DON’T look good on ALL of us, my large-figured lovelies. In fact, for overly busty gals like myself, it can make us look knocked up. (Again: is there any one of us who LIKES getting the “Are you pregnant?” question?? I think not!).

Gals with bigger hips and smaller bustlines are all about the empire waistline though. It draws the eye up and away. It’s a good choice for them!

Round/apple-shaped bodies will want to divert attention away from their midsections. Try A-line dresses and V-neck shirts to give the illusion of a longer, slimmer torso. But stay away from anything too tight.

Rectangular body types can usually pull off a high-waisted pencil skirt. They’ll also want to look for pieces that ADD curves (in all the “right” places, naturally).

And those lucky souls who have an hourglass figure? Pretty much anything is game. Just work WITH your curves and follow my fabric “rule” to minimize “trouble” areas.

In Conclusion: Fat Does NOT Have to Mean “Frumpy.”

We are strong, beautiful women, and we have the right to express ourselves through STYLE, just like anyone else!

So whether you’re perfectly happy being on the larger side, or this is a temporary state of being while you try to get healthier: go out and ROCK your fashions!

Did I miss something? Do YOU have a plus-sized fashion tip you’d like to share? Leave us a comment!

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